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roject Syndicate, “

The World’s

Opinion Page,” is an interna-

tional, nonprofit media outlet based

in Prague and New York City that

features original, high-quality com-

mentaries by global leaders and

thinkers on a broad range of topics.

In its own words: “By offering

incisive perspectives from those who

are shaping the world’s economics,

politics, science, and culture,



has created an unrivaled

global venue for informed public


The website is well organized and

user friendly, with material presented

in nine broad subject areas in addi-

tion to “On Point” and “In Focus”

sections highlighting current issues

and breaking developments.

News organizations in developed

countries provide financial contribu-

tions for the rights to the commen-

taries, which enables

Project Syndi-


to offer these rights for free, or

at subsidized rates, to newspapers

and other media in the developing


Project Syndicate

’s appeal for

the world’s most eminent writers is

unique—a truly global audience.

Project Syndicate

content is cur-

rently licensed by 476 publications in

more than 150 countries, including

The Guardian, The Globe and Mail,



The Huffington


Licensing includes free transla-

tion services in 12 languages (Eng-

lish, Chinese, Dutch, German, Italian,

Russian, Arabic, Czech, French, Hindi,

Portuguese and Spanish), and mem-

ber media do their own translating

into another 50 languages.

Founded in 1994, the site began

with the mission to help fledgling

independent media outlets in

post-communist countries reach a

broader audience. It quickly went

global, operating on the principle

that “all people—wherever they live,

whatever their income and whatever

language they use—deserve equal

access to a broad range of views by

the world’s foremost leaders and

thinkers on the issues, events and

forces shaping their lives.”

Project Syndicate

is supported by

the Bill and Melinda Gates Founda-

tion, the European Climate Founda-

tion and the Mohammed Sin Rashid

Al Maktoum Global Initiatives.

—Shannon Mizzi,

Editorial Assistant, and

Susan Maitra, Managing Editor

SITE OF THE MONTH: Project Syndicate:

As we go to print, 14 career Foreign

Service nominees await confirmation

to ambassadorial posts; only one has

waited longer than three months. In addi-

tion, 285 promotions and tenures await

approval by the full Senate, 278 of which

have been waiting less than three months.

AFSA remains hopeful that Congress

will fulfill its responsibilities regarding

these nominees efficiently. For more

information on AFSA’s ambassador

tracker project, visit


—Ásgeir Sigfússon,

Director of Communications

Budget Freeze Hits

Zimbabwe’s Diplomats


he government of Zimbabwe has

frozen hiring at its 42 foreign mis-

sions. The freeze was announced after

a 2015 audit identified “idle manpower,

role duplication, uncoordinated staff

recruitment, flagrant abuse of overtime

allowances and leave days, and salary

fraud” that were costing the government

up to $388 million a year, according to The Sunday Mail on May 22.

The Foreign Affairs Ministry has

already begun to lay off embassy clerical

staff. According to Foreign Affairs Min-

ister Simbarashe Mumbengegwi, this

streamlining will allow the government to

redress late salary payments and ensure

that ambassadors have safe, modern


The head of the country’s National

Chamber of Commerce has even

advocated closing some of the country’s

embassies altogether.

The Finance Ministry told the Interna-

tional Monetary Fund that it will be freez-

ing civil service recruitment and salaries

until at least 2019.


Shannon Mizzi,

Editorial Assistant