The Foreign Service Journal - July/August 2017
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Page Background


99 Years of the


Now at Your Fingertips

On May 11, AFSA hosted a

reception to mark the official launch of the FSJ digital archive, covering almost a

century of

The Foreign Ser-

vice Journal


Speaking to the assem-

bled guests, including past

and present members of the

FSJ Editorial Board and


eign Service Journal


AFSA President Ambas-

sador Barbara Stephenson

expressed her gratitude to all

those who worked so hard to

bring the project to fruition.



archive is a

wonderful resource, allow-

ing users to access 99 years

of diplomatic history and to

see firsthand the critical role

played by the career Foreign

Service. “The Iran deal, the

Paris Agreement—these

don’t just happen,” Amb.

Stephenson said. “The


pulls back the curtain on


Making back issues of



available to the

public for research and edu-

cation about diplomacy and





the Foreign Service became

a priority of the 2015-2017

AFSA Governing Board,

which voted to support the

long-awaited project.

Introducing the archive at

the reception,

Foreign Ser-

vice Journal


Shawn Dorman spoke of the

importance of accessibil-

ity for this primary source

material, which is unique in

providing a history of U.S.

diplomacy through the eyes

of its practitioners.

“It is all online and dis-

coverable, a bridge from the

past to the future, from gen-

eration to generation,” Ms.

Dorman said. “We can learn

from the past, see what’s

been tried before, see how

certain issues come around

again and again, see how

much things change, and

how little they change.”

That point was echoed by

retired FSO Harry Kopp, an

early advocate of the digi-

tization project and author

of the book

The Voice of the

Foreign Service

(Foreign Ser-

vice Books, 2015), a history

of AFSA.

Mr. Kopp noted the

unique opportunity for read-

ers to experience the history

of U.S. diplomacy not only

from the present looking

back, but also from the time

of important events, looking


Articulating the future

aims of the


, Ms. Dor-

man quoted former Assistant

Secretary of State Wilbur

J. Carr, speaking about the


and its mission on

the occasion of its 10th anni-

versary in 1929: “By promot-

ing a high idealism and a fine

spirit, it can help that orga-

nization [AFSA] to render a

maximum of public service

and attain its proper place in

the public estimation.”

We hope that the


will continue to inform and

inspire a new generation of

future diplomats about the

importance of the role of the

Foreign Service.

The Foreign Service Jour-


archive is available via

the AFSA website,




—Gemma Dvorak,

Associate Editor

Publications Coordinator Dmitry Filipoff demonstrates the archive to

retired FSOs Harry Kopp and Beatrice Camp.


2017 Summer Interns Arrive at AFSA

AFSA is happy to welcome

our new interns.

• Advertising/Publica-


Singapore native

Windy Tay attends the Univer-

sity of London, SIM Campus,

where she studies interna-

tional relations.

Foreign Service Journal


Andrea Philbin joins the


fromVirginia Commonwealth

University. She is studying

for a bachelor’s degree in

creative and strategic adver-

tising. Her hometown is Falls

Church, Virginia.

• Awards:

Sofia Rivera is

a senior at Mount Holyoke

College, where she studies

international relations with a

minor in American politics.

• Communications:

Nicholas Shevchik is a sopho-

more at the University of

Pennsylvania, where he stud-

ies international relations and

economics. He is originally

fromWashington, D.C.

• Executive Office:

Originally from Townsend,

Delaware, Michael Scott is a

senior at Hampton University,

studying international rela-

tions with a concentration in

conflict resolution.

We thank departing

interns Matt Mitzel, Theo

Horn, James Schiphorst,

Maggie McMorrow, Benja-

min Mooney and Ivàn Esca-

milla for their great work

this past spring and wish

them the best.