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he worked as senior consultant for
American College Testing, helping
write the Foreign Service Examination.
Amb. Scassa founded the Model
Organization of American States in
1995. He remained an active partici-
pant in its planning and execution, and
held an honorary permanent seat on
the organization’s steering committee.
In 2011, in recognition of his passion
and hard work over the previous 16
years, the organization was named for
him and is now known as the “Eugene
Scassa Model Organization of Ameri-
can States.”
Colleagues and friends recall Amb.
Scassa as a superb mentor who had a
profound impact on students at St.
Mary’s University. Over the course of
16 years there, he was directly respon-
sible for mentoring and directing 30
alumni active-duty FSOs, 30 alumni in
various federal intelligence agencies
and 12 alumni involved in international
development work.
Amb. Scassa is survived by his wife;
his three children, David, Susan, and
Eugene; and 13 grandchildren.
In lieu of flowers, memorial gifts
may be made in honor of Eugene L.
Scassa and the ESMOAS to the St.
Mary’s University Annual Scholarship
Fund, Attn: RonanMcAshan, Advance-
ment Services, One Camino Santa
Maria, San Antonio TX 78228-8544, or
donate online at http://|donate.stmarytx.
Barbara Lindner Wood
, 92, the
former wife of the late Foreign Service
officer Ben Wood, died on April 23 in
Ocala, Fla.
Mrs. Wood was born in Ocala to Dr.
Eaton George and Justina (Rhody)
Lindner. She graduated from Ocala
High School.
As a young woman at a time when,
as Mrs. Wood told it, nobody believed a
woman had the ability to be a pilot, she
learned to fly airplanes from the father
of a friend. That changed her life for-
ever, she would say in later years. Al-
ready an adventuresome soul, she went
on to enjoy unique worldwide experi-
Mrs. Wood met her future husband,
Ben, at Ocala Airports’ Army pilot
training school. The two wed in Texas
and, after the war, moved with their
first son to Washington, D.C., where
Mr. Wood joined the Foreign Service.
She accompanied her husband to For-
eign Service postings in the Philippines,
Belgium, Vietnam, Cambodia and Lon-
don. The marriage ended in divorce in
the late 1950s.
During the 1960s and 1970s, Mrs.
Wood lived in Paris, Washington, D.C.,
and Sardinia, traveling extensively
throughout Europe and Turkey, camp-
ing in a signature, customized white
Land Rover. In 1980 she settled in Vir-
ginia, where she established a garlic
Mrs. Wood wrote about her experi-
ences in
North from Ocala
Publications, Inc., 2000), a memoir that
“reads like an adventure story,” accord-
ing to one reviewer. She was the first
female pilot inMarion County, and also
enjoyed astrology.
Mrs. Wood was preceded in death
by her brother, Dr. John D. Lindner,
and by her ex-husband, Ben Wood.
She is survived by her sons, Ramsay
Wood of London, and Chalmers B.
Wood of China; nieces, Anne Foelker
of Haymarket, Va., Beverly Lindner of
Maui, Hawaii, and Barbara Dusch of
Cumming, Ga.; a nephew, John D.
Lindner Jr. of Ocala; and a grandson,
Tryver Wood.
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