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and impressive U.S. presence at the expo
in Korea.”
Te Public Diplomacy Alumni
Association is a volunteer, nonproft
membership organization that is open to
all current and former State Department
and U.S. Information Agency employees,
as well as broadcasting and other public
diplomacy professionals from the public,
academic and private sectors. Its mission
is to foster understanding, recognition
of and support for public diplomacy
through educational and social activities.
For more information about PDAA’s
activities, please visit www.publicdiplo You’ll also fnd a complete lis
of PDAA Alumni Association award win-
ners since 1993 there.
—Steven Alan Honley, Editor
Our New Friend, Burma
n May 20, President Barack Obama
welcomed Burmese President U
Tein Sein to the White House, the frst
head of state from that country to visit
Washington since 1966. Te meet-
ing—which came only six months after
Obama became the frst sitting U.S.
president ever to visit Myanmar, and less
than a year after Derek Mitchell was con-
frmed as the frst U.S. ambassador to the
country since 1990—has many speculat-
ing on prospects for closer bilateral ties.
Honoring Public
Diplomacy’s Best
fective public diplomacy requires
strategic thinking, creativity, com-
mitment and sound judgment in the use
of resources. Each year the Public Diplo-
macy Alumni Association recognizes the
achievements of those PD practitioners,
whether overseas or in Washington,
D.C., that best exemplify these qualities.
Although none of this year’s winners
were able to attend PDAA’s 16th annual
awards dinner, held on May 5 in Wash-
ington, D.C., their achievements were
spotlighted there.
public afairs section at Consul-
ate Peshawar
received a group award
for its “dedication, courage, creativity,
perseverance and unbending profes-
sionalism—under challenging and often
dangerous circumstances—in building
long-lasting ties between the people of
Pakistan and the people of the United
Despite understafng and
restrictions on their ability
to move about outside the
consulate, the PAS team
managed to expand their
all-important outreach work,
promote grants programs
and other exchanges, culti-
vate positive and fruitful working
relationships with local journal-
ists, expand the consulate’s social
media reach, and efectively use
music diplomacy to deliver strate-
gic messages to key audiences.
Te individual awardees are:
Shayna Cram, public diplomacy
ofcer; Saif Ullah, public afairs
specialist; Salman Wahab, public
afairs assistant; Shahbano Dur-
rani, information assistant; Zee-
shan Khan, Information Resource
Center assistant; Saqib Jan, social media
assistant; and Fakhar Fakhruddin,
English-language program assistant.
Tashawna Bethea,
public afairs
ofcer in Algiers, was recognized for
her “exemplary leadership, creativity
and professionalism in furthering key
embassy policy objectives by using the
full range of PD tools—exchanges, Eng-
lish-language programs, the Information
Resource Center and
social media—to
broaden relationships
between the people of
Algeria and the people
of the United States.”
Nini Forino
, now
PAO in Hong Kong,
was honored for her
work as public diplo-
macy ofcer for Korean
afairs and the Yeosu Expo
coordinator in the State
Department’s Bureau of
East Asian and Pacifc
Afairs. Te award citation
hailed Ms. Forino for her
“professionalism and
ing leadership, creativity
and perseverance in har-
nessing public and private
resources to ensure a vital
ECA Assistant Secretary of State Ann Stock, USA Pavilion
Spokesperson Philippe Cousteau, former EAP DAS for PD
Jennifer Park-Stout, Nini Forino, USA Pavilion CEO Andrew
Snowhite, and former EAP A/S Kurt Campbell at the 2012
PAS Peshawar: (from left) Shahbano Durrani, Saif
Ullah, Shayna Cram, Saqib Jan, Fakhruddin Fakhar,
Salman Wahab.
Tashawna Bethea, PAO
Algiers, and Ambassador
Henry Ensher.