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Ambassador John W. Limbert, who chairs AFSA’s Awards
and Plaques Committee, recounts the distinguished history of
the program and explains its importance in our leadoff article,
“Honoring the Best Among Us: AFSA’s Dissent Awards” (p. 20).
Allow me to call special attention to his concluding remarks:
“So why dissent? Because as professionals, we have goals
beyond advancing our careers. We have a conscience, and
care about our country’s fortunes and about the fate of our
Service. We also have a duty to point out misguided policies—
be they in Iraq or elsewhere—and to propose a constructive
“We are also the people on the ground with the training,
knowledge, judgment and experience to advise the president
and the Secretary of State. We owe it to our country to use
what we know and to give our honest views, even when they
AFSA President Susan Johnson presides at the June 27 AFSA Awards Ceremony.
We hope our coverage will
spark continued debate and
dialogue about dissent, and
inspire greater participation
in AFSA’s awards program.