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September 2013
the foreign Service journal
Steven Alan Honley:
Senior Editor
Susan Brady Maitra:
Associate Editor
Shawn Dorman:
AFSA News Editor
Donna Ayerst:
Ad & Circulation Manager
Ed Miltenberger:
Art Director
Caryn Suko Smith
Editorial Intern
Jesse Smith
Advertising Intern
Andreas Dorner
Editorial Board
James P. Seevers, Chairman
Judith Baroody
William D. Bent
Clayton Bond
Gordon S. Brown
Stephen W. Buck
Ruth M. Hall
Richard McKee
Jed Meline
Gregory L. Naarden
Beth Payne
The Magazine for Foreign Affairs
The Foreign Service Journal
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Street NW, Washington, D.C. 20037-2990 is published
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American Foreign Service Association (AFSA), a private,
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AFSA. Writer queries and submissions are invited, prefer-
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is not responsible for unso-
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subscription: AFSA member–$20,
included in annual dues; student–$30; institution–$40;
others–$50. For foreign surface mail, add $18 per year;
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Indexed by the Public Afairs Information Services (PAIS).
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Fax: (202) 338-8244
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2101 E Street NW
Washington DC 20037-2990
AFSA Headquarters:
(202) 338-4045; Fax (202) 338-6820
State Department AFSA Ofce:
(202) 647-8160; Fax (202) 647-0265
(202) 712-1941; Fax (202) 216-3710
(202) 482-9088; Fax (202) 482-9087
Governing Board
Robert J. Silverman;
Secretary: Angela Dickey:
Treasurer: Hon. Charles A. Ford;
State Vice President:
Matthew K. Asada;
USAID Vice President:
Sharon Wayne;
FCS Vice President:
Steve Morrison;
FAS Vice President:
David Mergen;
Retiree Vice President:
Lawrence Cohen;
State Representatives:
Clayton Bond
Everett “Alex” Copher
Todd Crawford
Chuck Fee
Ken Kero-Mentz
Elise Mellinger
Nancy Rios-Brooks
Sue Saarnio
Michael D. Thomas
Lillian Wahl-Tuco
David Zwach
USAID Representatives:
Andrew Levin
Jason Singer
FCS Representative:
Barbara Farrar (formerly Lapini)
FAS Representative: VACANT
IBB Representative:
Andre de Nesnera
APHIS Representative: VACANT
Retiree Representatives:
Marshall Adair
Hon. David Greenlee
F. Allen “Tex” Harris
Hon. Edward Marks
Executive Director
Ian Houston:
Executive Assistant to the President
Patrick Bradley:
Business Department
Director of Finance
Femi Oshobukola:
Kalpna Srimal:
Assistant Controller
Cory Nishi:
Labor Management
General Counsel
Sharon Papp:
Deputy General Counsel
Zlatana Badrich:
Labor Management Specialist
James Yorke:
Labor Management Counselor
Janet Weber:
Senior Staf Attorney
Neera Parikh:
Staf Attorney
Raeka Safai:
Staf Attorney
Andrew Large:
Ofce Manager
Christine Warren:
USAID Senior Labor Management Adviser
Douglas Broome:
USAID Staf Assistant
Chioma Dike:
Member Services
Member Services Director
Janet Hedrick:
Member Services Representative
Kristy Pomes:
Administrative Assistant and Ofce Manager
Ana Lopez:
Communications, Marketing and
Director of Communications
Kristen Fernekes:
Director of New Media
Ásgeir Sigfússon:
Special Awards and Outreach Coordinator
Perri Green:
Editor/Publisher, FS Books
Shawn Dorman:
Speakers Bureau Director
Thomas Switzer:
Web and Graphics Assistant
Jef Lau:
Coordinator, Retiree Counseling
and Legislation
Bonnie Brown:
Associate Coordinator, Retiree Counseling
and Legislation
Matthew Sumrak:
Advocacy Director
Javier Cuebas:
Legislative Assistant
David Murimi:
Scholarship Director
Lori Dec:
Scholarship Assistant
Jonathan Crawford: