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On July 15, AFSA’s Governing Board for the 2013 to 2015
term took o ce. We are proud to introduce the o cers and
representatives who will be hard at work on your behalf. Board
meetings take place on the frst Wednesday of every month
from noon to 2 p.m. at AFSA headquarters, 2101 E St., NW,
Washington, D.C. Meetings are open to any regular member.
Bob is a Senior Foreign Service o cer with
24 years’ experience. Overseas, he has been
DCM in Stockholm; political counselor in Tel
Aviv; economic counselor in Riyadh and Baku;
deputy economic counselor in Ankara; politi-
cal o cer in Cairo and Jerusalem; and a Provincial Recon-
struction Team leader in Tikrit. In Washington, Bob served
as the director of State’s Iraq Reconstruction and Economic
Afairs O ce, and as a senior adviser on global and functional
afairs in the Bureau of Legislative Afairs. He graduated from
Princeton University with a Bachelor of Arts and Master of
Public Administration, and a J.D. degree from the University
of Michigan Law School. He practiced corporate law at the
Los Angeles frm of Troy & Gould for three years before joining
the Foreign Service. Bob and his spouse, Young-Mi, have three
grown children.
Angela Dickey joined the Foreign Service in
1988. She was the deputy chief of mission in
Vientiane until she became an interagency
professional in residence at the U.S. Institute
of Peace in October 2012. Dickey is an expert
on Southeast Asia politics and history. In addition to being
twice posted to Laos, she has served in Vietnam, Yemen,
Mauritania and Canada. Domestically she has served as o ce
director for Maritime Southeast Asia; director for Indonesia
and East Timor; deputy director for Philippines, Malaysia,
Brunei, and Singapore; desk o cer for Philippines; and desk
o cer for Iraq. Dickey earned a bachelor’s degree from Berry
College, a Master of Science from Georgetown University and
a Master of arts in journalism from the University of Maryland.
Amb. Charles A. Ford (retired) served in
Western Europe and Latin America with the
Foreign Commercial Service. He was com-
mercial minister in London and in Brussels at
the U.S. Mission to the European Union. From
2005-2008 he was ambassador to Honduras, and later served
as adviser to the Combatant Commander, U.S. Southern Com-
mand. His last assignment was acting assistant secretary/
director general of the Foreign Commercial Service. An AFSA
member since 1982, he previously served on the 2003-2005
Governing Board as FCS VP.
Matthew Asada is a fourth-generation Japa-
nese-American and third-generation public
servant from Detroit. He has served overseas
in border posts in South Asia (Kolkata, Kun-
duz, Lahore) and Europe (Munich). Domesti-
cally, he was a stafer for Ambassadors Richard Holbrooke
and Marc Grossman as they sought a political settlement to
the confict in Afghanistan. As an APSA congressional fellow
with Congressman Gary Peters, D-Mich., Matthew worked to
facilitate greater trade and travel through the Detroit-Windsor
corridor. He graduated from the London School of Economics
and the University of Pennsylvania, and speaks fuent German.
Sharon has spent most of her career as a con-
tracting o cer, ensuring the efective and fair
obtainment of her colleague’s programmatic
needs. She has also served as director of the
O ce of American Schools and Hospitals
Abroad and as an assignments and performance counselor in
USAID’s Bureau of Human Resources. Her past experience will
easily transfer to supporting the needs of her fellow FSOs in
AFSA. Before joining the Foreign Service, she served with the
Peace Corps. A University of Maryland graduate, Sharon lives
in Annapolis, Md., with her teenage children, Angela and Jesse.
2013-2015 AFSA Governing Board Assumes Ofce