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AFSAAwards Ceremony
and Venezuela. He shared his
uniquely American history
as an immigrant who arrived
in this country with little, yet
had the privilege of enjoying
great success in the United
States. A profle of Amb.
Landau is on page 24.
Dr. Mette Beecroft,
president emerita of the
Association of the American
Foreign Service Worldwide,
presented Leah Evans with
the Avis Bohlen Award, which
honors the accomplishments
of a Foreign Service family
member whose relations with
the American and foreign
communities at post have
done the most to advance
the interests of the United
States. While posted to Kyiv,
Evans created the website,
“Kids in Kyiv,” which brings
together the local and expa-
triate communities. A profle
on Leah is found on page 77.
President Jon Clements,
of Clements Worldwide and
son of Juanita Guess, pre-
sented the M. Juanita Guess
Award to two Community
Liaison O ce Coordinators
who have demonstrated out-
standing leadership, dedica-
tion, initiative or imagination
in assisting o cial Americans
and their family members
serving at an overseas post.
Elizabeth Jenkins received
the award for her ability to
serve her community in the
di cult and dangerous envi-
ronment that is Caracas. Jes-
sica McVay helped her com-
munity endure a six-month
evacuation from Khartoum.
Profles of Elizabeth and Jes-
sica are on pages 78 and 79.
The Nelson B. Delavan
Award recognizes the work
of a Foreign Service O ce
Management Specialist who
has made signifcant contri-
butions to o ce efective-
ness and morale beyond the
framework of his or her job
responsibilities. Ambassador
William Harrop presented the
award to Mikkela V. Thomp-
son, who helped to create
positive changes not only
within the o ce, but through-
out the mission in Dhaka as
well. Mikkela’s profle is on
page 76.
Johnson highlighted the
history and signifcance
of AFSA’s dissent awards,
and the critical role dissent
plays in the Foreign Service.
This year, two awards were
bestowed on individuals
who were selected for their
courage, intelligence and
insistence on seeing through
a change in policy that each
recognized as fawed. They
expressed their dissent in a
methodical, constructive and
relentless way, while pre-
senting a well-thought-out
Ambassador John W.
Limbert, former president of
AFSA and chairperson of the
Awards Committee, reiter-
ated the idea that dissent
is necessary to maintain a
healthy institution. While
posted to Caracas, James
T. Rider—this year’s winner
of the W. Averell Harriman
Continued from page 63
Award for an entry-level
Foreign Service o cer—chal-
lenged a crucial piece of U.S.
law that he felt resulted in
U.S. citizenship being given
to children abroad who would
not have qualifed had their
parents applied in the U.S.
Amb. Limbert presented
the award to Brian Beck-
man on Rider’s behalf. “It is
important for people to take
the time to recognize their
peers when recognition is
due,” Beckman quoted from
Rider’s prepared remarks. A
profle on James Rider fol-
lows on page 75.
The Honorable Robert S.
Rivkin presented the William
R. Rivkin Award for a mid-
level Foreign Service o cer
to Theodore Lyng for his
steadfastness in pushing the
embassy to change a long-
standing policy, which was
inhibiting improving relations
with the Muslim community
in Indonesia. Lyng’s profle is
on page 74.
In closing the ceremony,
Susan Johnson emphasized
the importance of dissent
and how critical it is for
people to take the time to
nominate a deserving col-
league. The more than 200
members of the audience
then dispersed to raise a
glass of champagne in honor
of this year’s winners.
You may view the cer-
emony at
On June 27, award recipients and presenters gather in the Benjamin
Franklin Diplomatic Reception Room. (left to right) Amb. Tom Boyatt; Amb.
George Landau, recipient of the Lifetime Achievement in Diplomacy Award;
Jessica McVay, recipient of the M. Juanita Guess Award; Jon Clements;
Elizabeth Jenkins, recipient of the M. Juanita Guess Award; Mette Beecroft;
Amb. John Limbert; Leah Evans, recipient of the Avis Bohlen Award; Hon.
Robert S. Rivkin; Theodore Lyng, recipient of the William R. Rivkin Award;
Brian Beckman for James T. Rider, recipient of the W. Averell Harriman
Award; Mikkela Thompson, recipient of the Delavan Award; and Amb.
William Harrop.