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On June 7, the inaugural
Ambassador J. Christopher
Stevens Strategic Writing
Award was awarded to Alison
Dilworth at a ceremony at
the National War College in
Washington, D.C.
This prestigious award
recognizes the best paper
written during the academic
year on a strategic issue
in the Middle East. Acting
National War College Com-
mandant Ambassador James
Foley presented the award to
Ms. Dilworth for her paper,
“Keeping Faith: Maintaining
Stability in Egypt through
FSOWins Ambassador J. Christopher Stevens Strategic Writing Award
an Elected Muslim Brother-
The award was estab-
lished this year by the family
of Amb. Stevens—who him-
self was a 2010 graduate of
the National War College—to
continue his legacy at the
institution with the hope that
the award will challenge its
students to think strategi-
cally and propose innovative
solutions to current prob-
lems in the Middle East.
“I learned more here
than I could have imagined,”
Alison commented when she
accepted her award. “Study-
ing in such an energetic
academic environment truly
challenged me to expand my
horizons and improve profes-
sionally. The interactions
with my military and civilian
colleagues were invaluable
and I would recommend the
master’s program to anyone
who wants to succeed in the
interagency community.
“I am humbled and hon-
ored to receive this award. I
had the good fortune to work
with Amb. Stevens when
he was the political chief in
Jerusalem, and I learned so
much from him on policy
and strategy, but even more
on how to be an exceptional
leader and a friend.”
Alison joined the Foreign
Service in 1997 as a consular
o cer. She has served over-
seas in Paraguay, Jerusalem
and Cairo, and domestically
in the department’s opera-
tions center, as a special
assistant in consular afairs
and as the director of the
intercountry adoption divi-
sion. Her next assignment
is the deputy political/eco-
nomic chief in Warsaw.