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2013 AAFSW Art and Book Fair:
Remembering Judy Felt
It is with great sadness we must inform you that
longtime AAFSWmember and Art and Book Fair
chairperson Judy Felt passed away suddenly in July.
AAFSW dedicates this year’s fair in rememberance
of Judy.
The 2013 Art & Book Fair
of the Associates of the
American Foreign Service
Worldwide will take place
from Friday, Oct.11 to Sun-
day, Oct. 20, in the Diplo-
matic Exhibit Hall in the
Harry S Truman building. 
The fair will feature books, jewelry, art, collect-
ibles, stamps and coins from all over the world. 
Proceeds beneft Foreign Service families and the
AAFSW Scholarship Fund. 
Donations of rare books, jewelry, art items,
stamps and coins are now being accepted. To have
your donations picked-up, please call (202) 223-
5796 or e-mail
If you are interested in helping during the fair,
please contact Barbara Reioux at
or (703) 820-5420.
Call for Volunteers to “Star” in Human Resources Recruitment
Campaign and U.S. Diplomacy Center Exhibits
The O ce of Recruitment, Evaluation, and Employment in the
Bureau of Human Resources and the U.S. Diplomacy Center
are seeking volunteers from all foreign afairs agencies to be
featured in videos or photographs that will be used in HR/
REE's "I Am Diplomacy, I Am America" recruitment communi-
cations campaign and/or USDC's "I Am a Diplomat" exhibit at
the U.S. Diplomacy Center, soon to be constructed at the 21st
Street entrance to the Harry S Truman building.
We wish to ensure that our recruitment campaign and
museum exhibit are broadly inclusive and therefore invite
representatives of all career tracks of the Foreign Service
generalist corps, Foreign Service Specialists and Civil Service
employees to apply.  
Volunteering means that you will be considered to be fea-
tured in the recruitment communications campaign and/or
USDC's "I Am a Diplomat" exhibit, both of which aim to high-
light the contributions of those who work in U.S. diplomacy.
"I Am Diplomacy, I Am America" is the department's
new recruitment, marketing, communications and employer
branding campaign designed to attract and educate U.S. citi-
zens about the department and its careers, as well as inspire
audiences to consider pursuing a Foreign or Civil Service
Volunteers may also be featured in the U.S. Diplomacy
Center's "I am a Diplomat" exhibit. The goal of the exhibit is
to demystify diplomacy by showcasing the range of back-
grounds, talents and interests that Americans bring to diplo-
matic work. The exhibit will feature seven, full-length portraits
accompanied by narratives by and about current employ-
ees. These portraits will rotate from a selection of 45 to 50
employee video profles that form a montage on an interactive
touch-screen exhibit.
A one to two-pager providing:
• Your name and hometown;
• Personal background that led you to this career: education,
infuences (people, places, things), previous careers/jobs;
• Professional profle, including current title, career track or
Civil Service job series, area of expertise, length of service,
• The skills you use in the course of your daily work, with
appropriate mention of how you acquired them during your
• An anecdote that describes a personal and/or professional
experience that you believe would help to illustrate how your
work strengthens our nation and/or demonstrates the value
of our service;
• A photograph, preferably a headshot.
Please submit your information or address any questions
To be considered, please submit your
response no later than September 30. A panel of department
employees will make the selection. If the panel chooses you
to participate in our campaign, we will follow up with detailed
instructions on the next steps. Thank you and we appreciate
your willingness to assist us.