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remember the amazingly full, vibrant
and happy life he led.
Mr. Hussey’s frst marriage to
Fredricka Boone lasted 18 years. He is
survived by his second wife, of 54 years,
Piyachart Bunnag, and by eight chil-
dren, six grandchildren, and two great-
grandchildren. His children include
Christina Hussey Schoux of Chevy
Chase, Md.; Pamela B. Hussey of Santa
Barbara, Calif.; Eva Boone Hussey of Los
Angeles, Calif.; William B. Hussey Jr. of
Boulder, Colo.; Peter B. Hussey of Wey-
bridge, England; Elizabeth Brinkley of
Las Vegas, Nev.; Ruth Clark of Redwood
City, Calif.; and Phil C. Hussey of Los
Angeles, Calif. His two eldest daughters,
Christina and Pamela, were both For-
eign Service ofcers with USAID.
To send a condolence or for further
information, please visit
Gary P. Keith
, 54, a Senior Foreign
Service ofcer with the Department of
State, died on May 10 in Arlington, Va.,
from amyotrophic lateral sclerosis.
Mr. Keith was born in Glen Ridge,
N.J., on July 2, 1958, the son of Paul F.
Keith, M.D., and Anna J. Keith. He grew
up in the Columbus, Ohio, area and
graduated from Upper Arlington High
School in 1976.
In 1980 Mr. Keith received a B.A.
degree in English from Wheaton College
(Illinois), where he sang in the Men’s
Glee Club and served as a counselor
at the college’s Honey Rock Camp. Mr.
Keith then received an M.A. degree in
English in 1985 from Ohio State Univer-
sity, where he taught composition.
During 1980 and 1981, Mr. Keith
supervised agricultural projects, as
well as food distribution, in refugee
camps in Tailand and Cambodia under
the auspices of a nongovernmental
organization, Food for the Hungry
International. And from 1985 to 1987,
he arranged educational exchange pro-
grams at Meridian House International
in Washington, D.C.
Mr. Keith joined the Foreign Service
in 1988. From 1989 to 1991, he served as
executive director of the Costa Rican-
American Cultural Center. He was then
posted as information ofcer in San José
(1991-1992), cultural afairs ofcer in
Managua (1992-1994), information of-
cer in Bogotá (1994-1997) and cultural
afairs ofcer in Bangkok (2000-2004).
He later served as counselor for
public afairs in Te Hague (2005-2007),
in Santo Domingo (2007-2010) and in
Santiago (2010-2012). In Chile Mr. Keith
was president of the Fulbright Com-
mission’s board of directors. He had
previously served as its vice chair while
in the Netherlands and Tailand.
Mr. Keith received the U.S. Depart-
ment of State’s Superior Honor and
Meritorious Honor awards.
He is survived by his wife, Greetje
Bouwhof of Falls Church, Va., and by
their daughters Lauren and Emaline.
Mr. Keith is also survived by his parents,
brother Dirk Keith and sister Linda
Keith, all of Upper Arlington, Ohio.
In lieu of fowers, the family suggests
that a donation be made to the Robert
Packard Center for ALS Research at
Johns Hopkins, or to a charity of your
Robert Don Levine
, 88, a retired
Foreign Service ofcer with the U.S.
Information Agency, died on July 21 of
pancreatic cancer.
Mr. Levine was born in Berlin,
Germany, of American parents on Nov.
15, 1924. His father, the late Isaac Don
Levine, was a prominent writer on
Soviet and communist afairs.
lessly promoted the game throughout
the world, helping to establish tennis
programs for young players in Africa,
Asia and the South Pacifc. In his 90s
Mr. Hussey served as co-captain of the
California-based Lurie World Cup, and
in 2012 he was named Super Senior
Tennis International Sportsman of the
Tis April Mr. Hussey took what
turned out to be his fnal trip abroad—
to England, where he was a guest of the
governor of Windsor Castle and had
the great pleasure of meeting Queen
Elizabeth II, with whom he carried on
an animated conversation for a full 15
Family members and friends who
knew, loved and admired Mr. Hussey
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