The Foreign Service Journal - September 2014 - page 70

AFSAAssociate Members Add Value to Diplomacy
One of the American Foreign
Service Association’s critical
missions is to raise public
awareness of the importance
of diplomacy for national
security and prosperity.
AFSA’s associate mem-
bership program plays an
important role in this regard.
Associate members add
voices to the more than
16,000 AFSA members who
actively participate in U.S.
foreign affairs and diplomacy.
“Our associate members
play a great role in increasing
interest in the U.S. Foreign
Service, and we appreciate
all they do to support AFSA
and the Foreign Service,” says
Janet Hedrick, director of
member services at AFSA.
Associate members
provide a pool of talented
speakers and panel experts
for AFSA events. They con-
tribute to
The Foreign Service
as writers and often
as regular advertisers. During
the past year, AFSA associate
members have coordinated
and hosted special events
paying tribute to the 90th
anniversary of the U.S. For-
eign Service.
On May 22, in conjunc-
tion with AFSA associate
member Maria St. Catherine
McConnell, the Massachu-
setts State House Historical
Society hosted “A Massachu-
setts State House Tribute to
Commonwealth Statesmen,
Stateswomen and Diplomats
on the Occasion of the 90th
New York City High School
Students Visit AFSA
In early July, a group of New York City
high school students from the Interna-
tional Youth Leadership Institute visited
AFSA to learn more about the State
Department and the Foreign Service.
AFSA State VP Matthew Asada and
Aroosha Rana, a State Department
public diplomacy officer, discussed a
wide range of topics with the students,
including the importance of learning
new languages in a multilingual world,
the role of U.S. missions overseas
and educational pathways that could
lead to a future in diplomacy. Asada
and Rana also related personal and
professional experiences, noting that
as immigrants, like many of the visiting
students, their own families’ first inter-
action with the State Department was
through an embassy’s visa section.
The students later said their visit to
AFSA was one of the highlights of their trip to Washington,
D.C. (Learn more about the International Youth Leader-
From left to right: IYLI group leader Irijah Stennett; FSO Aroosha Rana; and students Safiya
Noel, Jazmyn Blackburn, Malakai Lomax, Yemane Charles and Terrell Lewis; and AFSA State
VP Matthew Asada.
Anniversary of the U.S. For-
eign Service.”
Copies of the May 2014
90th-anniversary edition of
The Foreign Service Journal
were distributed and U.S.
Secretary of State John
Kerry sent a recorded video
greeting to the event. You can
see Kerry’s recorded mes-
sage at
Cecilia M. Daizovi,
Communications Intern
ship Institute at
/ and on Twitter @
Lindsey Botts, Labor Management Executive Assistant
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