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New AFSA Governing Board Sworn In





September 2

12-2 p.m.

AFSA Governing

Board Meeting

September 2

3-4:30 p.m.

9th Annual Adair Lecture

at American University


Ambassador (ret.)

Johnny Young

September 7

Labor Day:

AFSA Offices Closed

September 27-October 2

AFSA Road Scholar Program

Chautauqua, N.Y.

October 7

12-2 p.m.

AFSA Governing

Board Meeting

October 8

2-3:30 p.m.

Benefits Speaker Series:

Retirement Planning (TBC)

October 9-19

AAFSW’s Art & BookFair

State Department Exhibit Hall

October 12

Columbus Day:

AFSA Offices Closed

October 18-22

AFSA Road Scholar Program

Washington, D.C.

November 11

Veterans Day:

AFSA Offices Closed

November 15-19

AFSA Road Scholar Program

Washington, D.C.

November 19

AFSA Second Annual

Book Market

On July 15, incoming officers

and representatives of the

2015-2017 American Foreign

Service Association Govern-

ing Board gathered at AFSA

headquarters for a swearing-

in ceremony and a luncheon

with the 183rd A-100 class.

The new board marked

the occasion by taking an

oath of office before officially

assuming its responsibilities

(see sidebar on p. 74). For

AFSA President Barbara Ste-

phenson, the oath captures

both AFSA’s maturing as an

organization and the board’s

commitment to govern trans-

parently and accountably for

the benefit of members and

the Foreign Service.

Stephenson expressed

her pleasure that one of the

In her welcoming remarks,

the new president signaled

the intentions of the Govern-

ing Board to leave the Foreign

Service stronger than they

found it. For Stephenson,

that means ensuring the

Foreign Service is fit for pur-

pose: that purpose, she made

clear, is to lead America’s

foreign policy.

“That’s what the Foreign

Service is all about. And we

can do that only if we are

able to attract and retain

America’s very best talent.”

Stephenson concluded

by pledging to do her best,

as AFSA president, to help

the incoming class grow into

professionals who can lead

America’s foreign policy

board’s very first acts was to

welcome the newest A-100

class to AFSA headquarters,

as it signaled the importance

of ensuring the Foreign Ser-

vice remains a strong, healthy

organization for future gen-

erations of Foreign Service


“I cannot think of a better

way to spend our first hours

in office than welcoming the

183rd A-100 class,” Stephen-

son wrote on AFSA’s Face-

book wall after the event.

“Talking to these smart,

sophisticated, spirited new

officers reminded me how

important it is that we suc-

ceed at our central task of

ensuring a healthy, attractive

career path for the decades

to come.”


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AFSA President Ambassador Barbara Stephenson takes the oath of office in front of other members of the 2015-

2017 AFSA Governing Board. In back, from left: Retiree Vice President Tom Boyatt, Sam Thielman, Eric Geelan,

Dean Haas, Patricia Butenis, John Dinkelman, State VP Angie Bryan, Lawrence Casselle, Philip Laidlaw and Peter