The Foreign Service Journal - September 2016
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According to the Federal Records Act

of 2014, use of a “non-official electronic

messaging account” for official (unclas-

sified) business is permissible, provided

that messages are forwarded to an

“official electronic messaging account”

within 20 days.

—Gemma Dvorak, Associate Editor

Traveling with Pets


n July 18, the U.S. Department of

Agriculture’s Animal and Plant

Health Inspection Service launched a

new website intended to help interna-

tional travelers easily determine travel

requirements for pets.

APHIS Pet Travel

provides informa-

tion for pets traveling to more than 130

countries and territories, as well as

requirements for bringing pets into the

United States.

Since other federal agencies may be

involved in the importation of pets to the

United States, the new APHIS website

links to those agencies’ information, too,

making it easier to ensure that your pet

has the correct paperwork to travel to and

from the United States.

We know that for many members of the

Foreign Service, their pet is a family mem-

ber. We hope that the new APHIS website

will be useful to all those looking to take

their pets to their next overseas post.

—Gemma Dvorak, Associate Editor

A Radical Proposal



radical redefinition of USAID’s

core mission has been proposed by

Max Boot, a senior national security fel-

low at the Council on Foreign Relations,

and Michael Miklaucic, a career USAID

employee and now a senior fellow at the

National Defense University, in a recent article featured on

“The U.S. needs a dedicated nation-

building agency—not to undertake

military occupations but to avoid them,

by helping allied governments to secure

their own territory without need for

large numbers of American troops,” the

We are living in a world of crises, mistrust and uncertainty. Here is

our Olympic answer: The 10,000 best athletes in the world, competing with

each other, at the same time living peacefully together in one Olympic Village,

sharing their meals and their emotions. In this Olympic world there is one

universal rule for everybody. We are all equal. ....

With the greatest respect we welcome the refugee Olympic team.

Dear refugee athletes, you are sharing a message of hope to all of the

refugees around the world. You had to flee from your homes because

of violence, hunger, or just because you were different. ... In this Olympic

world we do not just tolerate diversity, we welcome you as an

enrichment to our unity and diversity.

—International Olympic Committee President Thomas Bach, speaking at

the Opening Ceremony in Rio de Janeiro on Aug. 5.

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