The Foreign Service Journal - September 2016
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Hail and Farewell:

AFSA President Ambassador Barbara

Stephenson welcomed Ambassador (ret.) Earl Anthony

Wayne as the new treasurer of the AFSA PAC. She also offered

the board’s thanks to outgoing members Peter Neisuler, Eric

Geelan and Youqing Ma.

Consent Agenda:

On a motion from State Representative

Erin O’Connor, the board approved the consent agenda items.

These included (1) the May 4 Governing Board minutes and

(2) the appointment of Suzanne Platt as the new FCS repre-


Robert’s Rules of Order:

On a motion from State Represen-

tative John Dinkelman, the board confirmed that the AFSA

Governing Board will follow Robert’s Rules of Order with

respect to the confidentiality of executive sessions.

Washington Nationals Foreign Service Day:

On a motion

from State Representative Josh Glazeroff, the board unani-

mously approved a plan to work with theWashington Nation-

als Major League Baseball team to honor the Foreign Service

during a Nationals game.

Governance Committee:

Retiree Representative Ambassa-

dor (ret.) Al La Porta prepared a memo regarding information

handling and requested that it be submitted to the Gover-

nance Committee for consideration. On a motion fromUSAID

Representative Jeffrey Cochrane, the board approved the



State Representative Jason Donovan briefed the board

on the iLead initiative, which looks at the dissemination of

leadership and management tenets throughout the State

Department. iLead would like to collaborate with the AFSA

Governing Board and AFSA staff to identify how to address

challenges and implement best practices.

PEC Draft Code of Conduct:

The Committee on the Foreign

Service Profession and Ethics representative Eva Groening

briefed the board on the committee’s work on a draft Code of

Conduct. Following discussion of the committee’s presenta-

tion, a motion was put forward by State Vice President Angie

Bryan to look at other ways to get messaging on conduct and

ethics out, citing examples such as social media, cables and



. The motion was approved.


AFSAGoverning Board Meeting, July 6, 2016

AFSAGoverning Board Meeting, June 1, 2016

Hail and Farewell:

AFSA President Ambassador Barbara

Stephenson welcomed new State Representative Kara

McDonald and new FCS Representative Suzanne Platt. She

also thanked outgoing State Representative Leah Pease for

her work on the AFSA Governing Board.

Consent Agenda:

On a motion from State Representa-

tive Leah Pease, the board approved the June 1 Governing

Board meeting minutes. On a motion from USAID Vice

President Sharon Wayne, the board unanimously approved

the appointment of Eleanor Tan Piengco to the USAID

Standing Committee.

FSJ Editorial Board:

The Governing Board reviewed a

memo from Chair of the FSJ Editorial Board Beth Payne

requesting that they rescind two decisions made by the

2011-2013 Governing Board mandating specific coverage in


Foreign Service Journal

. On a motion from State Repre-

sentative John Dinkelman, the Governing Board rescinded

these decisions and reaffirmed the editorial indepen-

dence of the Editorial Board to select focus topics and

articles for the


(excluding the President’s column

and AFSA News) as provided for in the AFSA bylaws. The

motion passed.

AFSA Position on USAID Hiring:

On a motion from

USAID Representative Jeffrey Cochrane, a draft policy on

agency hiring was referred to the USAID Standing Com-

mittee for review and development. The motion passed


FSJ Editorial Board Appointment:

On a motion from

State Vice President Angie Bryan, Lawrence Casselle was

unanimously approved to replace Tricia Wingerter as the

Governing Board liaison to the Editorial Board.

Committee on Elections Vacancies:

On a motion from

USAID Vice President Sharon Wayne, the board approved

the appointment of William Hansen to the AFSA Commit-

tee on Elections.