The Foreign Service Journal - September 2017
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all showed that leadership.”

Ambassador Charles

Rivkin presented the Wil-

liam R. Rivkin Award for

Constructive Dissent by a

Mid-Level Foreign Service

Officer, to Wendy Brafman in

recognition of her efforts to

enhance transparency and

accountability in Uganda’s

intercountry adoption sys-


Amb. Rivkin then honored

four current and former

presidents of the Asian

American Foreign Affairs

Association for their tena-

cious efforts to improve the

assignment restrictions

process at the Department

of State.

The hard work of Chris-

tina T. Le, Cecilia S. Choi,

Mariju L. Bofill and Thomas

T. Wong paid off when a new

Foreign Affairs Manual chap-

ter was issued in November

2016, adding increased

transparency to the process.

Amb. Bill Harrop then pre-

sented the F. Allen ‘Tex’ Har-

ris Award for Constructive

Dissent by a Foreign Service

Specialist to Elzar T. Camper,

a Diplomatic Security spe-

cial agent at U.S. Embassy


Mr. Camper authored

a dissent cable arguing

against State Department

policy, which he feels has not

empowered and promoted

Diplomatic Security to lead

in implementing many of the

increased screening objec-

tives which are already spelled

out in its own programs.

[The department]

is not without its

blemishes, but it

is wholly willing

to acknowledge

them, then fix them.

That’s what makes

State great.

—Thomas T. Wong

We applaud and continuously promote

the indispensable role that diplomats

and development professionals play in

protecting and serving America’s people,

interests and values.

—John S. Wood

Obedience is not patriotism...

The importance the department

has historically placed on the value

of dissenting opinions speaks to the

ideal of hope.

—Elzar T. Camper

From left, Under Secretary of State Tom Shannon, acting Under Secretary Bruce Wharton, Assistant Secretary

Daniel Bennett Smith, Ambassador (ret.) Ruth Davis, Senator Richard Lugar, Charles Stuart ‘Stu’ Kennedy and

USAID Counselor Tom Staal attended the AFSA awards ceremony on June 20 to show their support for AFSA and

to congratulate the award winners.


AFSA President Ambassador Barbara Stephenson (right) with 2017

Lifetime Contributions to American Diplomacy recipient Ambassador (ret.)

Nancy Powell in the Department of State’s C Street lobby, ahead of the

AFSA awards ceremony on June 20.