The Foreign Service Journal - September 2017
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2017-2019 AFSAGoverning Board Takes Office

Members of the 2017-2019 AFSA Governing Board gather for the first

board meeting at AFSA headquarters on July 19. From left: FCS Alternate

Rep. Matthew Hilgendorf, Retiree Rep. Amb. (ret.) Al La Porta, BBG Rep.

Steven Herman, State Rep. Josh Glazeroff, State Rep. Tricia Wingerter,

State Rep. Martin McDowell, President Amb. Barbara Stephenson,

Secretary Amb. (ret.) Tom Boyatt, Retiree Rep. Phil Shull, Retiree VP

John Naland, Treasurer Amb. (ret.) Tony Wayne, State VP Ken Kero-Mentz

and FCS VP Daniel Crocker.

On July 19, the first meet-

ing of the 2017-2019 AFSA

Governing Board took place

at the association’s E Street



AFSA President

Ambassador Barbara Ste-

phenson welcomed the new

board members and thanked

them for stepping forward to


Minutes Approval Com-


Without objection, a

Minutes Approval Committee

was created and FCS Vice

President Daniel Crocker and

State Representatives Tricia

Wingerter and Martin McDow-

ell were appointed to it.

Management Commit-


Secretary Ambassador

(ret.) Tom Boyatt proposed

the establishment of a Man-

agement Committee consist-

ing of the president, secretary

and treasurer and to include

constituency vice presidents

when matters within their

purview are discussed. The

motion was approved.


Amb. Tom

Boyatt moved to recreate an

AFSA Political Action Com-

mittee and appoint Amb. Tony

Wayne as chair and treasurer,

Executive Director Ian Hous-

ton as assistant treasurer

and Kalpna Srimal as keeper

of records. The motion was




Meet the 2017-2019 AFSAGoverning Board

The American Foreign Service Association is proud to intro-

duce the elected officers and representatives of the 2017-2019

Governing Board.

The AFSAGoverning Board meets on the thirdWednesday of

each month from 12 to 1:30 p.m. AFSAmembers are welcome

to attend any board meetings and may request copies of the

minutes fromJennie Orloff at





Barbara Stephenson has served as

president of AFSA since July 2015. As dean

of the Leadership School at FSI (2013-

2015), she launched a department-wide

dialogue—the Leadership Roundtable—to

improve leadership and management to unleash the tremen-

dous talent at State. She served previously as ambassador

to Panama and deputy chief of mission/chargé d’affairés in


She won a Distinguished Honor Award for delivering the

“civilian surge” to Iraq—without breaking the back of the

Foreign Service. She also served as consul general in Belfast

and CG and COM in Curaçao, and received a Superior Honor

Award for her work on the peace agreement in El Salvador.

With more than 30 years of service, she entered as a political

officer and has since served interfunctionally, meeting the

needs of the Service whenever and wherever called.

In her second term, Ambassador Stephenson will work to

seize every opportunity presented by these challenging times

to make the Foreign Service stronger in fact and in reputation.

She will also continue efforts to improve governance at AFSA

to ensure that member dues are used as efficiently and effec-

tively as possible for the benefit of the Foreign Service.




Ambassador (ret.) Tom Boyatt entered the

Foreign Service in 1959 and retired in 1984

with the rank of Career Minister. As an

FSO, he served in every cone and at posts

in four of the five geographic bureaus. He

served as U.S. ambassador to Burkina Faso (1978-1980) and