The Foreign Service Journal - September 2017
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Behind the Scenes

at the AFSA Election

Consent Agenda:

The Governing Board approved the

consent agenda items, which were: (1) acceptance of the

resignation of Awards and Plaques Committee members

Daniel Martinez, Patricia Norland, BridgetteWalker and

Chair Annie Pforzheimer; (2) appointment of Kalpna Sri-

mal as AFSA-PAC keeper of the records.

FSJ Editorial Board:

On behalf of the Editorial Board,

State Representative Kara McDonald moved that the

Governing Board approve the six candidates recom-

mended to be Editorial Board members, and four candi-

dates to be backup members. The motion was approved.

Without objection, current board member Eric Green was

approved as the new chair of the Editorial Board.

Scholarship Donors:

The Governing Board reviewed

proposed internal policy guidelines for donors to the AFSA

Scholarship Fund. Following discussion, the policy guide-

lines were approved.



Board Meeting,

June 7, 2017


Board Meeting,

July 5, 2017

This meeting was the final one for the 2015-2017

Governing Board.

Standing Committees:

AFSA President Ambassador

Barbara Stephenson requested that members of the

standing committees (listed in the bylaws) remain in

place until the new Governing Board reviews committee


Special Committees:

As per AFSA bylaws, Amb. Stephen-

son moved that the board discharge the special commit-

tees established under the 2015-2017 Governing Board—

they are the Governance; Executive; Finance, Audit and

Management; and Awards & Plaques Committees.

The motion was adopted.


Amb. Stephenson thanked departing members

of the Governing Board for their service to AFSA and to the

Foreign Service.


Member Services Representative Natalie Cheung (second from left) and

Executive Director Ian Houston (right) process AFSA Governing Board

election ballots received by mail at the AFSA headquarters building.

On the morning of June

8, members of the AFSA

Committee on Elections

gathered to count the votes

cast in the 2017-2019 AFSA

Governing Board election.

Following closure of the

online voting platform at

8 a.m., a committee mem-

ber collected the paper

ballots from a post office

nearby and sorting began at

approximately 9:30 a.m. at

AFSA headquarters.

All votes were checked

to ensure they fulfilled the

requirements for eligibility.

Only two ballots were chal-

lenged as unclear.

The committee mem-

bers worked meticulously

to ensure there were no

irregularities in the process.

Preliminary results were

available around 1 p.m.,

and the final tallies were

announced to the member-

ship on June 9.

In total, 4,130 ballots

were cast this year: 3,152

online and 978 on paper, an

increase in voter turnout

from the 2015 election. This

figure represents 25 percent

of AFSA members eligible

to vote.

AFSA thanks Commit-

tee on Elections members

Susan W. Wong (chair),

Harold ‘Lee’ Brayman, Mort

Dworken, Christopher R.

Green, Francis A. Hall, David

C. McFarland, Peter J. Mol-

berg and Curt Whittaker, for

their hard work throughout

the election process.

A full breakdown of the

2017-2019 election results

can be found at