The Foreign Service Journal - September 2017
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Celebrating Foreign Service

Youth Achievements

On July 7, the American Foreign Service Association honored

its 2017 Merit Award winners and sponsors in a first-time

joint ceremony with sister Foreign Service organizations at

the State Department’s George C. Marshall Center.

More than 55 students, living in the United States or at

posts overseas from ages 5 to 18, were honored as awards

were presented by AFSA, Associates of the American For-

eign Service Worldwide, the Overseas Briefing Center and

the Foreign Service Youth Foundation.

Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for Human

Resources Constance Dierman gave the keynote address.

The Family Liaison Office was instrumental in providing

administrative support.

AFSA President Ambassador Barbara Stephenson and

AFSA Scholarship Committee Chair Ambassador (ret.) Lange

Schermerhorn presented awards to nine recipients (out of 24

AFSA awardees) who were present at the ceremony.

In her remarks, Amb. Stephenson praised the resilience

of children in Foreign Service families, and recognized the

hard work of those receiving awards at the ceremony.

AFSA recipients in attendance were Claudia Amadeo-

Luyt; Emma Bachman; Peter Huson, accepting for his

brother, Scott; Harry Kamian; Marianna Karagiannnis; Jules

Levy; Jarrah May; Alice Naland and Jane O’Connor.

Also present were AFSA Merit Award donors John and

Priscilla Becker, Jim Elmore of Embassy Risk Management,

AFSA President Ambassador Barbara Stephenson (far right) and

Scholarship Committee Chair Ambassador (ret.) Lange Schermerhorn (far

left) with the nine local winners of AFSA Merit Award scholarships at the

July 7 award ceremony.


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