The Foreign Service Journal - September 2017
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Kennan Award Salutes StrongWriting

Each June, the AFSA-spon-

sored George F. Kennan

Strategic Writing Award is

bestowed on a distinguished

Foreign Service graduate

during the National War

College’s award and distin-

guished graduate recognition


This year’s Kennan Award

winner is David Schroeder,

an AFSAmember who was

honored for his individual

strategic research project,

“Ethiopia: The Long and Short

of It.”

The award is given to a

Foreign Service officer for

the cumulative effort of his

or her research project and

the individual’s overall writing

throughout the academic

year. In addition to the Ken-

nan award, Mr. Schroeder

received an award for the best

short essay in his course.

Mr. Schroeder is an FSO

currently serving as deputy

director of economic policy

in the Bureau for Western

Hemisphere Affairs. He previ-

ously served three-year tours

as the chief economic officer

in Guangzhou and Tirana.

He also served in Mexico

City and Kyiv, and as Serbia

desk officer inWashington,

D.C. Prior to joining the State

Department, Mr. Schroeder

practiced law as a trial attor-

ney for 11 years in Alexandria,


He is a graduate of the

University of Virginia and

obtained his law degree from

the College of William and

Mary. He is married to a fellow

career diplomat, Roxanne

Cabral. The couple has three


Mr. Schroeder said that it

was an honor and “extremely

gratifying” to receive this

prestigious award, adding

that “George Kennan was a

hero of mine.”

Asked about his experi-

ence at the National War Col-

lege, Mr. Schroeder empha-

sized the value of being able

to take a year to think more

deeply about the strategies

employed by the Foreign

Service. He urged his col-

leagues at the Department of

State to seek similar assign-

ments, to think in slower and

deeper ways that can refresh

and reframe how the Foreign

Service views its work.

AFSA congratulates each

of the eight members of the

Foreign Service who were

honored with National War

College writing awards this

year, including AFSAmem-

bers Mark Schapiro and

Natalie A. Baker.


Kennan Award winner David Schroeder (center) receives his certificates

from USAF Brigadier General Darren E. Hartford (right) and Ambassador

Paul Wohlers (left), commandant and vice commandant of the National War

College, respectively.


Honoring Foreign Service Youth, Continued from page 87

Gayle Nelson

of CareFirst


BlueShield and

Ron Riddell of

Promax Man-

agement, who

sponsored an

award for the

first time.

Of the 24

Merit Award

recipients, 11

were located

overseas at the

time they applied. This year,

for the first time ever, the

Animal and Plant Health

Inspection Service had an

AFSA Merit winner. Congrat-

ulations to Katrina Sliter,

daughter of Dr. Karen Sliter

and her husband David,

who won an Art Merit Com-

mended Award.

This year, a total of 106

high school seniors submit-

ted applications for AFSA’s

academic, art and commu-

nity service merit scholar-

Young attendees admire some of the winning

artwork at a reception following the award



ships. AFSA would like to

thank the members of the

AFSA Scholarship Commit-

tee and 14 other AFSA mem-

ber volunteers who judged

this year’s submissions.

For more information on

the AFSA Scholarship Pro-

gram and to view the Merit

Awards winners, please


A recording of the awards

ceremony is available on the

AFSA website,