The Foreign Service Journal - October 2014 - page 15

neither secret nor illegal.
e exposés have helped draw atten-
tion to the Obama administration’s
policy toward Cuba, which appears to
be stalled. At the beginning of the year,
relations were at their best in several
decades, with cooperation on drug inter-
diction, oil-spill mitigation and immigra-
tion, and the president had promised
“creativity” in further e orts to “update”
the policy.
ust 5 years old,
aims to redefine
international news for the digital age as “the
only Internet journalism site devoted exclusively to
international news and related content.”
The organization’s mission is “to help fill the
enormous void that has grown up in coverage of
the world by U.S. news organizations.”
follows no political line and restricts opinion to the opinion pages.
The site is uncommonly user-friendly, with Breaking News, Business, Photos,
Videos and Special Reports plainly accessible. One can also access content by
region or subject (Section). An extensive Blog section features “Chatter,” written
’s regional editors on a daily basis, and “QuickClick,” a curated “best
of theWeb in bite-sized pieces,” as well as a score of topical blogs such as “India
Explained”; “Pulse,” a diverse look at global health issues; and “Holly World,” a
global take on entertainment.
Among the most-shared items on the home page is a moving tribute to the
late James Foley, who worked as a freelancer for
a collection of his
best writing and background on his life and work.
’s aim is “to build a community of top correspondents as well as
a community of users of the site who share the need and the desire for quality
news about the world.”
A for-profit enterprise, the group’s business model is based on online advertis-
ing, syndication of content to other Web and print publications internationally
and, most unusual, creation of an elite community on the site through a paid
membership system called Passport.
Led by its founder and president, Phil Balboni,
has 18 executives
and editorial sta¥ at its headquarters in Boston and a network of credentialed
journalists around the world who live and work in the countries they cover.
By all accounts this bold initiative is well on the road to success.
Global Post
has partnerships with NBC News, CBS and PBS-TV, among others, and has won
a slew of awards for reporting, including a Peabody Award and awards from the
Society of American Business Editors andWriters and the Overseas Press Club.
—Susan Brady Maitra, Managing Editor
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