The Foreign Service Journal - October 2014 - page 60

DACOR Keeps Foreign Service
Community Connected
DACOR considers itself the
home of the Foreign Service
community. Founded in the
1950s by a group of FSOs
concerned about retirement
issues, DACOR has grown into
an organization that o‹ers a
rich array of programs serving
the professional and social
needs of the broader interna-
tional relations community.
Often seen as tradition-
bound and, let’s face it,
“older,” DACOR is embracing
change and proving that it
hasn’t been around for more
than 60 years by accident.
The organization is led by
volunteer members who are
keenly aware of the chal-
lenges of life in the Foreign
Service. They are also mindful
that with each decade DACOR
has adapted to provide
the programs and services
Despite all the ways people
now stay connected electroni-
cally, bringing people together
is a top priority at DACOR.
Executive Director Susan
Cimburek says, “With the
elegant DACOR Bacon House
as a meeting place, why not
get together here?”
To encourage this, from
June through August DACOR
hosted Thursday cocktail
hours on the Bacon House
patio, where members and
guests could relax in this
private oasis in the middle of
the city and enjoy the almost
perfect weather Washington
experienced this summer.
DACOR also hosts post
reunions to help the foreign
a‹airs community remain
connected. So far this year,
more than 200 active-duty
and retired Foreign Service
members have attended
reunions for Turkey, Central
America and sub-Saharan
Africa. Cimburek says to
watch for reunions for Ger-
many, Mexico and China in
the coming months.
DACOR has also been
expanding its programs to
keep members connected
professionally. Most remem-
ber the Bacon House for
two things: the A-100 class
reception held there shortly
after receiving their first post
assignment, and the luncheon
co-sponsored by DACOR
and AFSA following the Job
Search Program.
This year, DACOR began
hosting receptions for newly
DACOR members and guests gather in the Bacon House garden at the
Turkey Post Reunion on June 5.
appointed deputy chiefs of
mission and principal o•cers.
DACOR sees these programs
as important elements in its
e‹orts to support Foreign Ser-
vice members and it hopes
to become a go-to network at
critical career junctures.
Cimburek acknowledges
the importance of virtual
communities, and the
recently launched DACOR
website (
org) includes a members-only
section to foster connections.
Through an online directory
and member blog, DACOR
is enabling members to find
lost colleagues, catch up, and
share news and views.
Whether you are active-
duty or retired, posted abroad
or inWashington, DACOR
urges you to take a look at
what it has to o‹er. Next time
you’re inWashington, why not
stop by for a visit?
–Compiled by Debra Blome,
Associate Editor
DACOR’s Bacon House in Washington, D.C.
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