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New Scholarship in Memory of FS Son

The American Foreign Service

Association announces estab-

lishment of a new scholarship,

the Joshua Lane-Holman

McMackle Scholarship. The

award is in memory of the late

son of Tracy McMackle, a For-

eign Service officer with the

Foreign Agricultural Service

and an AFSAmember.

Joshua, himself the recipi-

ent of an AFSA Financial Aid

Scholarship in the 2009-2010

academic year, spent most of

his life abroad living in Brus-

sels, Bonn, Berlin, Moscow

and Tokyo. He returned to the

United States for his junior

and senior years of high


At the Randolph-Macon

Academy in Front Royal,

Virginia, Joshua learned to fly

Cessna aircraft and played

on the varsity basketball

team. As a student

at Texas Southern

University, he found

it easier to say he

was fromVirginia

than explain his life

as a globetrotting

dependent, hence

his nickname “V.A.”

In April 2010,

near the end of his

freshman year in

college, Joshua was

attending a street

party near campus

when he was fatally


Joshua is also

survived by his

father, Bruce Ivan McMackle,

and his sister, Mariah Syn-

claire McMackle.

AFSA Executive Director Ian Houston

presents Tracy McMackle with a certificate of

appreciation and an AFSA commemorative coin

acknowledging establishment of the memorial

scholarship in her son Joshua’s name.


AFSA 2015-2016 Scholarship Aid Tops a Quarter-Million

Can a nonprofit associa-

tion make a difference with

$218,000? Ask any of the

college-bound students who

recently learned that they are

the recipients of an American

Foreign Service Association

Financial Aid Scholarship,

and they will tell you it can.

This fall, the AFSA

Scholarship Committee

was pleased to bestow 64

scholarships on under-

graduate children of Foreign

Service employees for the

2015-2016 academic year.

Awards ranged from $3,000

to $5,000.

Checks totaling $108,000

The AFSA Scholarship Committee conferring $218,000 in scholarship aid

on 64 undergraduate students for the 2015-2016 school year. From left:

Thomas Smitham (State), AFSA Scholarship Director Lori Dec, Bess Zelle

(State), Ambassador Lange Schermerhorn (Chair), Dr. Alia El Mohandes

(USAID) and AFSA Scholarship Assistant Jonathon Crawford. Not pictured:

Christine Strossman (FAS) and Barbara Farrar (FCS).




More than $4 million in aid

has been awarded to 2,200

Foreign Service children

over the last 25 years.

No AFSA member-

ship dues go to the AFSA

Scholarship Program.

Funding comes from a

variety of sources: DACOR

sponsors $40,000 through

three endowed scholar-

ships, and AAFSW provides

$10,000 from its BookFair


Ad hoc donations to the

scholarship fund supple-

ment trust and annual

scholarship gifts, as do con-

tributions through the AFSA

Scholarship Fund Annual

Appeal and the Combined

Federal Campaign.

The largest portion of

funding is drawn from the

AFSA Scholarship Fund’s

$7.4 million endowment,

which has accrued from

the establishment of more

than 70 perpetual scholar-

ships since 1926.

In 2015, Tracy and her fam-

ily established the scholarship

in his name.

The McMackle Scholarship

is part of AFSA’s need-based

Financial Aid Scholarship Pro-

gram and will be awarded for

the first time in the 2016-2017

academic year.


—Lori Dec,

Scholarship Director

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