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North Korean Diplomat

Defects in London


n Aug. 16, a North Korean diplo-

mat based in London defected; he

was identified the following day as Thae

Yan-ho, the deputy ambassador to Great


According to the British newspaper The Guardian , Thae’s job at the embassy was

to “keep track of North Korean defec-

tors living in London” and to “rebut U.K.

criticism of his country’s human rights

record”—not an easy task, to be sure.

Thae was able to escape with his wife

and son (who was about to begin studies

at Imperial College, London), according


Ethan Epstein of The Weekly Standard


Many who flee are not so fortunate, given

that the government in Pyongyang often

holds family members of North Koreans

who work outside the country hostage.

There have been several high-profile

defections fromNorth Korea recently. A

Workers’ Party official fled while working

in Russia earlier this year. Another North

Korean diplomat, this one based inThai-

land, also managed to escape within the

last two years.

It seems that placating the North

Korean political elite with visits to water

parks and international food festivals does

not make up for the constant surveillance

they have to put up with, plus the very real

fear of ending up in a labor camp, Epstein


Maybe, he asks, we should allow a

North Korean embassy in Washington

after all?


This edition of Talking Points was com-

piled by Associate Editor Gemma Dvorak.