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October 3

AFSA/Public Diplomacy

Council: “Connecting the

U.S. and Asia”

October 5

12-1:30 p.m.

AFSA Governing

Board Meeting

October 6

2–4:30 p.m.

Everything You Need to

Know About the TSP

October 9-14

AFSA Road Scholar Program

Chautauqua, N.Y.

October 10

Columbus Day:

AFSA Offices Closed

October 12

2-3:30 p.m.

What Is the Purpose?

360 Feedback in the

Foreign Service

October 23-27

AFSA Road Scholar Program

Washington, D.C.

October 28

Job Search Program

Graduation Reception at FSI

November 2

12-1:30 p.m.

AFSA Governing Board


November 6-10

AFSA Road Scholar Program

Washington, D.C.

November 7

AFSA/Public Diplomacy

Council: “How China Is

Covering the U.S. Election”

November 11

Veterans Day:

AFSA Offices Closed

November 18

AFSA Scholarship

Applications for 2017-18

Academic Year Available

November 24-25


AFSA Offices Closed


AFSA essay contest winner Dylan Borne receives his certificates from Secretary of State John Kerry. During their

meeting, Sec. Kerry spoke with the Borne family in French and accepted a gift from Dylan showcasing the culinary

talents of his native New Orleans.

High School Essay Contest Winner Visits


On Aug. 1, Secretary of State

John F. Kerry presented Dylan

Borne, a rising senior from

Benjamin Franklin Charter

High School in New Orleans,

Louisiana, with the 2016

American Foreign Service

Association National High

School Essay Contest award.

In AFSA’s 2016 essay con-

test, students had to imagine

themselves as members of

the U.S. Foreign Service, and

then find a peacebuilding

solution to a particular conflict

or crisis that threatens U.S.

interests abroad.

In the East Hall of the State

Department, Secretary Kerry

congratulated Dylan on his

outstanding essay and spent

some time questioning the

student about the logistics

of his solution for peace in


In his paper, Dylan put

himself in the shoes of an eco-

nomic officer in the USAID’s

Office of Conflict Manage-

ment and Mitigation. He

argues that a program to dis-

tribute laptops to civil society

organizations and individuals

in Afghanistan would give local

women greater access to edu-

cational resources, the ability

to start and grow businesses

to improve their economic

stability and become agents

of change in a country where

they are often overlooked

Each year, AFSA flies the

contest winner and their par-

ents toWashington, D.C., for

discussions with foreign policy

leaders fromAFSA, the United

States Institute of Peace, the

State Department and Capitol

Hill. Dylan was accompanied

by his parents, Dr. David Borne

and Dr. Annette Sojic, and his

sister, Sophie Borne.

AFSA partners with the

Semester at Sea study abroad

program and USIP to sponsor

the essay contest and support

the significant prizes offered.

In addition to the two-day trip

toWashington, Dylan received

$2,500 and a full-tuition-paid

voyage with Semester at

Sea on his enrollment at an

accredited university.

In addition, Dylan’s high

school received 10 copies of

AFSA’s introduction to the

Foreign Service,

Inside a U.S.

Embassy: Diplomacy at Work

(Foreign Service Books, 2011).

Dylan was particularly

excited about the chance to

spend a college term travel-

ing the world while studying.

“An international education at

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