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AFSAGoverning Board Changes

AFSA is pleased to welcome

three new State representa-

tivesto the AFSAGoverning

Board. They were confirmed

by the board April 6.We also

welcome Suzanne Platt, con-

firmed on June 1, as the new

Foreign Commercial Service


Keith Hanigan

is direc-

tor of the Office of Facility

Management in the Overseas

Buildings Operations Bureau.

Amember of the Foreign

Service since 1995, Keith has

served in San Salvador, Guate-

mala City, Managua, Brasilia,

Vienna, Baghdad, London and

Kabul, as well as inWashing-

ton, D.C.

Prior to joining the Foreign

Service, Keith worked as an

engineer for Turner Construc-

tion Company in Boston, as a

Peace Corps Volunteer in the

Solomon Islands and in the

Media and Society Seminars

Department at Columbia

University’s Graduate School

of Journalism.

Keith speaks Spanish and

Portuguese—and usually

a mixture of both—and is

a native of New Jersey. He

and his wife, Silvia, have four

children and live in Northern


Kara McDonald


serves as director of policy,

planning and coordination in

the Bureau for International

Narcotics and Law Enforce-

ment Affairs. She was most

recently deputy chief of mis-

sion in Chisinau, Moldova.

Before joining the U.S.

Department of State, she was

a Presidential Management

Fellow at the U.S. Agency for

International Development,

where she worked in Kosovo,

Haiti, Macedonia and Croatia,

and as an elections supervi-

sor with the Organization for

Security and Cooperation in

Europe in Bosnia-Herzegovina.

Kara holds a B.A. in French

and comparative litera-

ture from the University of

Michigan and an M.A. from the

Fletcher School of Law and

Diplomacy. She speaks or has

studied French, Romanian and

Russian. She is married and

has two children.

Alison Storsve


the Foreign Service in 2003.

She has served eight years

overseas and five in domestic

assignments, most recently

as a program officer covering

police development in Haiti

in the Bureau of International

Narcotics and Law Enforce-

ment Affairs.

Alison has served as

a course facilitator in the

Foreign Service Institute’s

Political Training Division and

a senior watch officer in the

department’s Operations

Center. She spent five years

across three tours covering

Afghanistan and Pakistan

from the U.S. Mission to NATO

in Brussels, Belgium; the Pro-

vincial Reconstruction Team in

Kunar Province, Afghanistan;

and the U.S. consulate in

Peshawar, Pakistan.

Originally fromOhio, Alison

graduated fromOhio State

University and is a returned

Peace Corps Volunteer (Turk-

menistan 2000-2001). Alison

will move with her husband

and two children to Kosovo

in summer 2017 to be the dep-

uty of the political-economic

section at U.S. Embassy


Suzanne Platt

is a U.S.

Foreign Commercial Service

officer on her first tour of

duty inWashington, D.C.,

serving on the Nordic-Baltic

desk. Previously she worked

in the private sector for more

than five years, working for

a generic pharmaceutical

manufacturer. During that

time, she set up a U.S. subsid-

iary, acted as the company’s

agent to the Food and Drug

Administration, developed

new supply and distribution

flows into and within the Euro-

pean Union and served as the

managing director of a sales

marketing subsidiary.

A lover of the arts, she has

also worked as a freelance

lighting and sound technician.

She focused on European

political economies at Johns

Hopkins University’s School of

Advanced International Stud-

ies, where she received an

M.A. in international relations.

At the University of Virginia,

she earned a B.A. in foreign


We thank outgoing Govern-

ing Board members Peter

Neisuler, Eric Geeland, Leah

Pease and Youqing Ma for

their service to AFSA.



Keith Hanigan.

Kara McDonald.

Alison Storsve.

Suzanne Platt.