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Sister Cities International—

Creating Peace Through


On July 15-16, AFSA joined

Sister Cities International in

celebrating its 60th anniver-

sary and annual conference

at the Mayflower Hotel in

Washington, D.C.

The event drew leaders

and representatives from

across the United States and

around the world into one

forum to discuss the connec-

tions that help create “Peace

Through People.”

Created in 1956 at Presi-

dent Dwight Eisenhower’s

White House Summit on

Citizen Diplomacy, SCI has

been a leading driver of

citizen diplomacy for the past

60 years.

With 545 U.S. sister cities,

counties and states encom-

passing 2,121 partnerships

in 145 countries and across

six continents, it’s fair to say

that this organization has

fostered people-to-people

relationships, literally, around

the globe.

AFSA was an exhibitor at

the conference, sharing infor-

mation about AFSA and the

Foreign Service with con-

ference-goers as they came

through the marketplace.

Among the most popular

AFSA programs and activities

promoted were the National

High School Essay Contest

and the Speakers Bureau,

as well our publications,

Inside a U.S. Embassy


The Foreign Service Journal.

Participants were eager to

learn more about the Foreign

Service and how it supports

American ideals and inter-

ests abroad.

SCI reaches out to U.S.

embassies when they need

help with a sister-city part-

nership overseas. SCI is a

potential partner in AFSA’s

outreach efforts.

With approximately 350

speakers in 35 states, AFSA’s

Speakers Bureau is an excel-

lent resource for Sister Cities

chapters looking to engage

experts on diplomacy and

development for local meet-

ings and events.

SCI audiences would get a

unique glimpse into the world

of diplomacy and come away

with greater awareness and

appreciation for the work of

foreign affairs professionals.

AFSA staff representa-

tives had the opportunity

to attend several sessions

at the conference, including

a panel on “How to Engage

the Emerging Generation

through International Part-

nerships” and a session on

“Food, Culture, Music and

Sports: Diplomacy through

Unique Platforms.”


—Catherine Kannenberg,

Outreach Coordinator