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policy studies at CIS (and a former FSO),
at (508) 346-3380 or
Judy Carson
FSO, retired
Aventura, Fla.
Overly Rosy Memories
of El Salvador
I feel compelled to comment on a couple
of items in September’s
, which
just arrived on my doorstep.
First, kudos to Paula Guimond for her
letter (“Tanks, Local Employees”) in
praise of our Foreign Service Nationals
and other Locally Employed Staf. She
truly tells it like it is. How I wish I had
thought to write the same letter myself!
Second, regarding Robert Blau’s pan-
egyric to Salvadoran democracy (“El Sal-
vador’s Remarkable Transition”), I wish
to point out that his article seems to have
glossed over some important aspects of
Salvadoran reality.
For instance, Mr. Blau euphemistically
describes President Mauricio Funes’ run-
ning mate in the 2009 elections, Salvador
Sanchez Ceren, as a “hardliner.” What
he fails to mention—and some readers
may perhaps not know—is that Ceren is
the same FMLN leader who led celebra-
tions and American fag burnings in the
streets of San Salvador following the 9/11
attacks. So the fact that he is not just the
current vice president, but very possibly
El Salvador’s next president, is most def-
nitely not a promising development.
Moreover, by simply quoting a ques-
tion from a
New York Times
without making any attempt to challenge
its rationale, Blau appears to tacitly imply
that the United States somehow owes
El Salvador some kind of apology for
our role in its civil war. Some of us still
remember the 1983 assassination of Navy
Lt. Commander Albert Schaufelberger
and the 1985 Zona Rosa murder of six
Americans (four of themMarine security
guards from the embassy), which both
occurred in San Salvador.
Mr. Blau could have mentioned these
incidents in the context of the
query. Better yet, Secretary of State Hill-
ary Rodham Clinton might have done so
in her response.
T.J. Morgan
FSO, retired
Charlottesville, Va.