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highlighting the art of public diplomacy abroad.
Te collection captures and expands the presentations ofered
at the November 2011 forum, “Te Last Tree Feet: NewMedia,
New Approaches, and New Challenges for American Public
Diplomacy,” organized by the Public Diplomacy Council, the
Walter Roberts Foundation andTe George Washington Univer-
sity’s Institute for Public Diplomacy and Global Communication.
Its aim, in the editor’s words, is to “provide a greater understand-
ing of and appreciation for the art of public diplomacy and for the
American and locally employed professionals who are in that ‘last
three feet’ at our embassies and consulates abroad.”
From Beijing to Baghdad, embassies have taken advantage of
local culture and modern technology. Whether it is putting the
American information center in a major Jakarta shopping mall or
lessons learned from a misguided social networking experiment
among network-savvy young Turks, the case studies presented in
this book present both models to emulate and areas to improve.
Tey show the uniqueness of each country setting, and illumi-
nate the common factors in constructing positive public policy
Now editor emeritus of the online journal
American Diplo-
, William P. Kiehl served throughout Europe and Asia during
his 33-year Foreign Service career and continues to take tempo-
rary overseas assignments with the Department of State. He has
his own international public afairs consultancy, PDWorldwide,
and is the author of
Global Intentions, Local Results
2008) and the editor of
America’s Dialogue with the World
(Public Diplomacy Council, 2006).
Palestine: In Need of a Just God
Terrell Arnold, Amazon Digital Services, 2012, $6.95,
Kindle Edition.
Palestine continues to be a land in turmoil. For most of the past
century it has been under invasion by European colonizers, who