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Pieces of History: The Life
and Career of John J. Harter
John J. Harter, Xlibris, 2012, $19.99,
paperback, 250 pages; $3.99,
Kindle Edition.
Te work of our nation’s diplomats abroad
is often unacknowledged or overlooked—
which is why the Association for Diplomatic
Studies and Training created the Diplomatic
Oral History Series, which publishes selected transcripts of
interviews from the Foreign Afairs Oral History Collection in
book form.
Tis volume in that long-running series recounts the life and
career of John J. Harter, as told to ADST’s Charles Stuart Kennedy
and David T. Jones in a series of interviews. Early life in Canyon,
Texas; taking the Foreign Service Exam; serving as retiree rep-
resentative on the American Foreign Service Association board;
and his perspective on Wristonization are among the topics
covered in addition to his Foreign Service career.
During a 33-year Foreign Service career, John J. Harter served
on four continents. He was a writer/interviewer at USIA and rep-
resented the United States at various international meetings. Once
retired, he served as an oral historian for the National Gallery of
Art, organized 16 conferences on international economic issues
for AFSA and worked for 12 years as a declassifer for USAID.
Pancreatic Cancer: A Patient and
His Doctor Balance Hope and Truth
Michael J. Lippe and Dung T. Le, M.D., The Johns Hopkins
University Press, 2011, $18.95, paperback, 184 pages.
Tis rare doctor-patient collaboration chronicles the unusual
story of a man who defes all expectations in his fght against