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America’s Other Army:
The U.S. Foreign Service
and 21st-Century Diplomacy
Nicholas Kralev, CreateSpace 2012,
$24.99/paperback, 254 pages; $9.99/
Kindle Edition.
Who are America’s diplomats? What do
they actually do? Most Americans haven’t
a clue. In
America’s Other Army
, Nicholas
Kralev presents the U.S. Foreign Service as it is today, shattering
old stereotypes and dashing myths and falsehoods about a group
of professional public servants whose work afects millions of
people in the United States and around the world daily. Released
during the week in which the U.S. ambassador to Libya, Chris
Stevens, and three colleagues were killed in a terrorist attack in
Benghazi, this book is very timely.
Nicholas Kralev is a writer, educator and speaker on global
travel, diplomacy and international afairs. During a nine-year
period, he visited 50 embassies, interviewed more than 600 diplo-
mats and conducted other research to complete this book.
The Last American Diplomat: John
D. Negroponte and the Changing
Face of U.S. Diplomacy
George W. Liebmann, Palgrave
Macmillan, 2012, $99, hardcover,
384 pages.
John Negroponte, a career FSO, served
as ambassador to Honduras, Mexico, the
Philippines, and Iraq; U.S. Permanent
Representative to the United Nations, and director of national
intelligence and Deputy Secretary of State in the George W.
Bush administration. Te consummate insider, he was devoted
to public service. Self-efacing, he viewed advising, guiding and
warning policymakers as his primary duty. In this book, his
remarkable career is the lens through which we gain a sharper
understanding of not just the man, but the diplomatic history of
the Cold War and its aftermath.
George W. Liebmann is a Baltimore lawyer and historian
who specializes in American and international diplomatic
history. He is the author of
Diplomacy Between the Wars: Five
Diplomats and the Shaping of the Modern World
(I.B. Taurus,
Subtle Diferences, Big Faux Pas
Elizabeth Vennekens-Kelly, Summertime
Publishing, 2012, $10.99, paperback, 242
Tis primer is aimed at helping read-
ers avoid making major faux pas that are
detrimental to one’s time abroad and also,
potentially, one’s career. Te author high-
lights the many subtle diferences among
cultures and the ways intercultural awareness can make traveling,
working and living overseas more smooth and enjoyable. You will
learn about how to handle subtle factors like body language and
slang, as well as common misconceptions.
Elizabeth Vennekens-Kelly is an intercultural trainer and
consultant based in Europe. From 2009 to 2012, she served as
chairperson of the Sharing Cultures Task Force of the Federation
of American Women’s Clubs Overseas.
Real-Time Diplomacy: Politics and
Power in the Social Media Era
Philip Seib, Palgrave Macmillan, 2012,
$25, paperback, 199 pages.
With the Arab Spring of 2011 as his labora-
tory, Philip Seib examines the implications
of social media and the high-speed fow
of information for international relations,
foreign policymaking, political change and,
in particular, diplomatic practice.
“Good diplomatic practice should not be tossed aside, but it
must adapt to the pace of events more comprehensively than it
has to date,” the author states in this timely read. To the terms “tra-
ditional diplomacy” and the more recently coined “expeditionary
diplomacy,” he adds another: “rapid-reaction diplomacy.”
Philip Seib, a professor of journalism, public diplomacy and
international relations at the University of Southern California,
is the director of USC’s Center on Public Diplomacy. He is the
author of several other works on the media and diplomacy.
Ten Years Later: Insights on al-Qaeda’s Past & Future
through Captured Records—Conference Proceedings
Edited by Dr. Lorry M. Fenner, Dr. Mark E. Stout and
Ms. Jessica L. Goldings, The Johns Hopkins University
Center for Advanced Governmental Studies, 2012,
free digital edition, 218 pages.
In September 2011, a conference at the National Defense Uni-
versity marking the 10th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks brought