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Security Ofcer Sheamus Rissler manages to
locate and rescue Helman, but his kidnap-
pers get away. Te next day, Helman’s erratic
behavior gets him booted of a fight home
and into Bishkek’s mental hospital, where he
becomes convinced that Sheamus is part of a
CIA/KGB plot to silence him once and for all.
Meanwhile Senator Akumbayev, a Kyrgyz
mafa kingpin, is willing to do whatever it
takes to score the lucrative national cell-phone contract. Only
President Hakiev and his sociopath nephew stand in the way—at
least until upcoming elections, with a few assassinations thrown
in, put Akumbayev in control of the Senate.
To grease the skids, the senator portrays Helman’s psychotic
rants against President George W. Bush, Vice President Dick
Cheney and the war on terror as ofcial U.S. policy, generating an
outcry from the Kyrgyz electorate and a blistering demarche from
the embassy.
As Kyrgyzstan descends into political chaos, the scene shifts to
Manas Air Base in Bishkek. Tere, newlywed Nazgul Yanonova,
who is to accompany her young Marine husband’s casket to the
U.S., fails to show. Sheamus is asked to investigate her disap-
pearance, a mission that ultimately takes him to a remote village.
Some of his questions are answered there, but new ones arise.
Fogarty Wells has been with the State Department for more
than 10 years, with postings to Kyrgyzstan, Belize and Suriname.
Postgraduate writing classes led to the completion of two screen-
plays, one of which received honorable mention in the Nicholl
Fellowship in Screenwriting competition.
More Cofee Break Mysteries:
The Sherlock Holmes Edition
William S. Shepard, Amazon Digital
Services, 2012, $2.99, Kindle Edition.
Just as he did in the frst volume in this
More Cofee Break Mysteries: Te
Sherlock Holmes Edition
(Uncle Seth
Cutler Press, 2010), William S. Shepard has
penned 20 new short mysteries for intrepid,
but time-pressed, readers to solve. (Just in case you’re stumped,
the solutions appear immediately following each story.)
As a bonus, the frst fve of these stories feature (with permis-
sion of the Sir Arthur Conan Doyle estate) Sherlock Holmes, Doc-
tor John Watson, Professor Moriarty, Inspector Lestrade and Mrs.
Hudson. Te next six include two classic British settings (“Mystery
on the Moor” and “Te Haunted Portrait”) and a contemporary