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Linda Socha Jaworski has accompanied her husband, Richard
Jaworski, to Foreign Service postings around the world. An
elementary school teacher for many years, she began writing
in 2005 and routinely teams up with local authors and artists
wherever she is posted. She has written a number of children’s
books, including a long-running series (see the next entry). She
now lives in Ankara, where she teaches third grade at the Bilkent
International and Laboratory School. To follow her new projects,
go to
Tee’s Treasure-True Forest (Vol. 5)
Linda Socha Jaworski, Twinkle Truth
Publications, 2011, $6.99, paperback,
17 pages.
Tee’s latest adventure in the Lap-
landian forests begins when the lights
go out among the dense trees. From
wise Skatt, a mouse, to Jaska, a smart-
talking rock, a fun cast joins child
favorites Tee and Heddie for their “what-the-heck-happens-
next” kind of day as they avoid pesky hunters and fnd lovely
occasions for hugs and songs.
A story of love, magic and friendship, Jaworski’s animal world is
a great read for children and parents. A truly “splenderifc” bond-
ing experience, with its indexed descriptions of a solar eclipse and
the Arctic hare, it’s bound to be an educational one, too!
Te Seven Fairy Mountains of Cappadoci
(p. 52) fo
r Linda
Socha Jaworski’s biography.
Gudrun’s Kitchen: Recipes
From a Norwegian Family
Ingeborg Hydle Baugh, Irene O.
Sandvold, Edward O. Sandvold
and Quinn E. Sandvold, Wisconsin
Historical Society Press, 2011,
$22.95, paperback, 260 pages.
“Gudrun’s was a fruitful life, full of
love, family, and friendship, simple pleasures and great food.”
GudrunTue Sandvold, a frst-generation Norwegian immigrant
in America, built her life around family, love and food. Tis
attractive work, one part biography of the Sandvold’s lineage and
family history and one part Norwegian cookbook, makes for a
deliciously enlightening read on both counts.
Gudrun’s children and grandchildren researched and pooled