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At the Department of
State, Stephen Seche, former
ambassador to Yemen and
friend and colleague of Chris,
said, “It’s safe to say that
everyone in the Bureau of
Near Eastern Afairs who
worked with Chris Stevens
and got to know him—even
if only a little bit—still feels
the loss created by his death.
I was struck by the sheer
volume and genuine emotion
of the messages I received
from former friends and col-
leagues of Chris as they tried
to come to terms with the
fact that he had been killed.
That’s not always the
case in this business of
ours, where we have fleeting
relationships and then move
on (literally and figuratively)
to another place, another
job, a new circle of acquain-
tances. With Chris it felt
diferent, and it was. There is
still a large, empty space in
NEA left by his absence, but
in what is perhaps the most
fitting tribute we can pay to
a friend who has left us all
too soon, it will be filled by
the many individuals inspired
by Chris to make a genuine
diference in the lives of
Supports activities that build
bridges between people of the
United States and the Middle East.
The Fund will promote religious
tolerance, cultural understanding,
educational youth exchanges and
people-to-people programs. See
(Above) U.S. Marines
watch a video of Amb.
Chris Stevens as he
introduces himself and his
hopes for Libya.
(Left to Right) Tom
Stevens, Anne Stevens
Sullivan and Hilary
Stevens Koziol share
memories of their big
brother, Chris Stevens.
The Fallen at Benghazi, September 11, 2012
American diplomats face in
service to our country.”
A memorial to the fallen
was set
up outside
AFSA head-
quarters and
another by
the Memorial
Plaques in
the Depart-
ment of
State’s C
Street lobby.
The memori-
als included
a wreath and
boards on
which individuals could leave
The shock of this tragedy
was deeply and widely felt. It
was especially poignant for
members of the
Foreign Service
and AFSA.
As Deputy
Secretary Bill
Burns put it “We
are a family. We
serve together
and we grieve
While we
knew emo-
tions ran deep,
the response
was even more
touching than
we had expected. Hundreds
of individuals went out of
their way to leave handwrit-
ten messages of condolence
and appreciation for the
service and sacrifice of the
fallen. The reflections in
these messages are sincere
and beautiful and we are
honored to preserve them for
Members of Congress and
numerous organizations with
which AFSA collaborates sent
statements of support. The
Senate passed two resolu-
tions in mid-September, one
honoring the fallen in Libya
and the other praising the
Foreign Service as a whole
for its important work and its
service around the world. The
The Fallen, Continued on Page 77
Following the Sept. 11 terror-
ist attack on the U.S. consul-
ate in Benghazi that resulted
in the tragic loss of life of
Ambassador Chris Stevens,
Information Management
Specialist Sean Smith, and
security agents Glen Doherty
and Tyrone Woods, AFSA
issued a statement extend-
ing “our heartfelt condo-
lences and sympathy to the
bereaved families and extol-
ling the service and example
of our fallen colleagues as an
inspiration to us all.”
The AFSA statement
pointed out that “this violent
attack on a U.S. diplomatic
compound once again
underscores the dangers that