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ments to health care pro-
vided by the ACA are already
provided for in the FEHB,
including no lifetime limits,
no prescreening, mandatory
essential benefits and estab-
lished preventive care.
Overall, he hoped that the
ACA would bring about better
health care, at lower costs,
for most Americans.
State’s deputy medi-
cal director, Dr. Charles H.
Rosenfarb, took the podium
to address healthy living
through preventive care. He
stressed the need for indi-
viduals to become involved in
their own health and sug-
gested a health diary as one
way to do so. Keeping up with
inoculations is also impor-
tant, particularly as we enter
flu season. For more informa-
tion about preventive care,
Dr. Rosenfarb suggested
To discuss progress in
the development of new
drug therapies, Dr. Robert
S. Epstein, president of EF
Associates LLC, said, “There
is exciting new research on
medications for conditions
afecting seniors, and there
is a lot of hope here. Thirty-
five new drugs have hit the
market this year, the most
ever, and they are treating
diseases that were once
thought to be incurable.”
Epstein reported that new
drugs are debunking previ-
ously held scientific beliefs,
leaving the door open for
some amazing research and
new discoveries in the com-
ing years. Dr. Epstein told
attendees, “Never believe
there is no hope.”
Jefrey Mounts, managing
director of global compensa-
tion for State’s Global Finan-
cial Services, spoke about
the upcoming changes to the
State retirement systems. He
reported that the department
has successfully imple-
mented a new payment sys-
tem for both the old and new
retirement plans. Attendees
were advised to file copies of
Senior Living Foundation Seminar: Planning for Change
On Sept. 20, the Senior Living
Foundation held a seminar on
planning for change, which
covered a variety of topics
pertinent to retirees: the
impact of the Afordable Care
Act on the Federal Employees
Health Benefits Plan; ways
to prevent illness through-
out the year; advances in
drug therapies for seniors;
upcoming changes to
State’s retirement systems;
and information about wills
and trusts.
Ambassador Marc Gross-
man welcomed attendees
and praised the work of the
Senior Living Foundation.
Daniel Green, deputy
director for health care and
insurance for the Ofce of
Personnel Management,
opened the session. He noted
that the biggest improve-
annuity forms they receive
from the department in their
personal records. For ques-
tions regarding your govern-
ment annuity, customer
support may be contacted at or
by call-
ing (877) 865-0760 or (800)
Ending the seminar,
Jonathan Kinney, a partner
at Bean, Kinney and Kor-
man, PC, discussed the
importance of estate plan-
ning, which protects assets
for future generations and
distributes them accord-
ing to your wishes at the
time of death. He cautioned
that estate plans should be
reviewed after any major life
event, including receiving an
inheritance, an out-of-state
move, a career change or a
birth of a child, whenever
changes in the tax laws
occur or every five years, at a
The Senior Living Founda-
tion is an organization that
assists retired members of
the Foreign Service and their
spouses who, in their later
years, have become physi-
cally or mentally in need of
support. The foundation
provides information and
assistance in obtaining
community, state, federal
and private resources and,
when more help is needed,
some financial support. For
more information on the
foundation and upcom-
ing events, please see
Left to Right: Paula S. Jakub, executive director of the Senior Living
Foundation, joins Amb. Thomas Boyatt and Amb. Marc Grossman, chairman
of the SLF board of directors, at the seminar. Below: An attendee looks
through the foundation’s brochure.