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Support the Fund for American
Diplomacy with a CFC Donation
Please consider supporting AFSA’s Fund for
American Diplomacy with a pledge to CFC #10646,
listed under “Diplomacy Matters – AFSA.” The FAD
helps promote AFSA’s mission of bringing American
diplomacy and the Foreign Service to the public
through various outreach programs, including
AFSA’s Memorial Plaque in the State Department
lobby, the Road Scholar Program, the Speakers
Bureau, the Sinclaire Awards, the High School Essay
Contest. It also provides funding for events, such as
AFSA’s speaker series, book notes programs and
panels, and honors members of the Foreign Service
community who have performed courageous and
exemplary service. For more information on FAD,
please go to
diplomacy or contact Tom Switzer, AFSA director of
communications, at (202) 944-5501.
2012 Special Education Needs
Seminar Videos Available on the
Videos from the most recent seminar for
employees who have children with special educa-
tion needs and who are, or will be, assigned to a U.S.
mission abroad are now available on the Foreign
Service Institute Transition Center’s Internet site.
The presentations paint a comprehensive picture of
the department’s special education support system
and resources, helping parents to plan for their
children’s education overseas.
Experts from within the department present the
following segments:
• Navigating the System, Dr. Stanley S. Piotroski,
Director, Employee Consultation Services
• Educating My Child, Dr. Pamela A. Ward, Regional
Education Ofcer, Ofce of Overseas Schools
• Parent to Parent, Dianna Rooney and Charles
Roe, Crisis Management Team, Family Liaison Ofce
To view the videos online, please visit