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Letter to Our Overseas Members
We at BlueCross and BlueShield would like to express our sincerest appreciation to all of
you for giving us the opportunity to provide you with your health care coverage. We have been
part of the Federal Employee Health Benefts Program (FEHBP) since its inception in 1960.
With so many health insurance options available in the program, over 61% of federal employees
worldwide have entrusted their healthcare coverage to BlueCross BlueShield. We offer an array
of products and services. Our goal is to continually explore ways to better serve and make
your experience with us as convenient and cost effective as possible. We understand the
unique situations and challenges of living and working abroad. With that in mind, over the
years we have enhanced and updated our products and services to include:
• Two comprehensive beneft options (Standard and Basic Option)
• Basic Option – the only open PPO product in the FEHBP without a deductible
Increased onsite visibility in ten countries
• Onsite claims fling
• Streamlined claims processing
• Reduced processing time for claims
• Enhanced technology (website capabilities)
• Claims faxing capabilities
• MyBlue Portal – submit overseas claims electronically
• MyBlue Customer eService
view claims online
• order Identifcation Cards
• submit questions via email
• Make address changes
• Cashless access for inpatient hospital care at Network Hospitals
• Reimbursement in the local currency
• Reimbursement to members’ overseas bank accounts
• A network of worldwide participating hospitals (over 900 in more than 80 countries)
• A 24 hour Worldwide Assistance Center
• An annual Overseas Member Satisfaction Survey
• Free translation services
You are our most valuable asset. It is our desire to provide you with the very best in customer
service. We appreciate your business and loyalty.