The Foreign Service Journal - November 2014 - page 54

Smart Power:
Between Diplomacy and War
Christian Whiton, Potomac Books Inc.,
2013, $22.19/hardcover, $16.49/Kindle,
225 pages.
Here is a scholarly look at the role of “smart
power” in American foreign policy, with a
foreword by Paula Dobriansky, undersec-
retary of State for democracy and global
affairs and U.S. envoy to Northern Ireland under the George W.
Bush administration.
Not simply a checklist of policy options or a simple mix of
foreign aid and military force, smart power refers more to a way of
thinking. Moreover, it is not really new. Whiton marshals success-
ful historical examples and argues that such practices need to be
updated to meet current challenges.
Christian Whiton is a principal at DC International Advisory, a
political risk consulting firm. A presidential campaign adviser and
commentator on national security issues, he was a senior advisor
and deputy special envoy in the State Department from 2003 to
2009. He resides in Los Angeles.
Galana: Elephant,
Game Domestication,
and Cattle on a Kenya Ranch
Martin Anderson, Stanford University
Press, 2013, $15.80, hardcover, 106 pages.
recounts the story of the creation,
achievements and demise of the largest
cattle ranch in Kenya. Founded in 1968 on
2,500 square miles of arid land, the Galana
Ranch successfully introduced cattle into the region. But 20 years
later an epidemic of poaching forced the ranch to shut down. This
engrossing personal story also throws light on Kenya’s wildlife
management politics.
Martin Anderson is a distinguished overseer at the Hoover
Institution of Stanford University. Throughout his life he has been
a trial lawyer in Hawaii and San Francisco, an active reservist
in the U.S. Marine Corps with two tours in World War II and the
Inchon/Chosin campaign in Korea, a ski resort developer in Lake
Tahoe, as well as a rancher in Kenya. He lives in Palo Alto, Califor-
nia, and continues to visit Kenya frequently.
Working World: Careers
in International Education,
Exchange and Development
Sherry Lee Mueller, Mark Overmann,
Georgetown University Press, 2014,
$18.34/paperback, $14.55/Kindle,
322 pages.
Working World: Careers in International
Education, Exchange, and Development
a useful resource for international affairs students and job seekers
alike. “It is designed to streamline and clarify the initial stages
of career research and help you put your job search in a broader
perspective,” state the authors.
The book is divided into two informative sections. The first
describes concepts to keep in mind as you develop your career
philosophy and goals, and the second offers selected resources to
help you in your job search.
Sherry Lee Mueller is an adjunct professor at American Univer-
sity’s School of International Service and president emeritus of the
National Council for International Visitors (now Global Ties U.S.).
Mark Overmann is assistant director and a senior policy specialist
at the Alliance for International Education and Cultural Exchange.
Wife and Baggage to Follow
Rachel Miller, Halstead Press, 2013,
$29.99, paperback, 238 pages.
Wife and Baggage to Follow
is a record of
the life and times of some of the women
who followed their husbands from post to
post in the Australian diplomatic service
from 1924 to the recent period. Based on
oral histories, interviews and supplemen-
tary research and documentation, the book traces the changing
conditions of service that affected diplomatic spouses and their
families, and also looks at the struggle of early female officers in
diplomatic and administrative careers.
This is a lively account, with fascinating personal stories
interwoven with the development of the Australian Department of
Foreign Affairs and Trade.
Rachel Miller accompanied her husband on seven postings
over four decades, to Asia, the United Nations and New Zealand.
She holds a degree in Asian studies from the Australian National
University and is a former president of the Foreign Affairs Wives
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