The Foreign Service Journal - November 2014 - page 56

The Contemporary Embassy:
Paths to Diplomatic Excellence
Kishan S. Rana, Palgrave Pivot, 2013,
$70/hardcover, $36/Kindle, 166 pages.
Today’s embassy blends tradition and
change, accommodating multiple state
and non-state actors who jostle on the
international stage. In this innovative study,
a distinguished former Indian ambassa-
dor, Kishan S. Rana, considers why diplomatic missions remain
relevant today, and examines new representational options and
global diplomacy techniques in an information age.
Supported by empirical research and interviews with dip-
lomats and other professionals, and conveying unique insights
into the experiences of developing countries,
The Contemporary
will be a valuable resource for diplomacy scholars and
practitioners alike.
Kishan S. Rana was a member of the Indian Foreign Service
from 1960 to 1995, serving as ambassador to Algeria, Czechoslo-
vakia, Kenya, Mauritius and Germany. Ambassador Rana now
teaches, writes and advises other governments on diplomatic
practice. He is the author of
21st-Century Diplomacy: A Practitio-
ner’s Guide
(Bloomsbury Academic, 2011).
Turkey and the Arab Spring:
Leadership in the Middle East
GrahamE. Fuller, Bozorg Press, 2014,
$15.95/paperback, $5.95/Kindle,
404 pages.
GrahamE. Fuller breaks with conventional,
Washington-centered analysis to explore
the subject he lays out in his latest book’s
title: Now that the politics of theMiddle
East are up for grabs, what are the sources
of its future leadership? A former CIA analyst who has taught and
written extensively about the region, Fuller says there are grounds
for optimism. Iranmay at last be re-emerging onto the world scene
as a legitimate and influential actor; and, above all, Turkey’s experi-
ence, despitemessy partisan politics, still offers the only convincing
Muslimmodel of dynamic and effective governance.
Throughout this masterful analysis, Fuller elucidates the
deeper political and human forces that reflect the Middle East’s
own history and culture—as he has done in nearly a dozen previ-
ous books. (See the March 2013
for Steve Buck’s review of
Fuller’s memoir,
Three Truths and a Lie.
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