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, the second Sophie Medina mystery, is scheduled for
release by Scribner in 2015. You can visit her website at www.
Though Crosby’s books are available on Amazon, please con-
tact the Poisoned Pen Bookstore in Scottsdale, Ariz., for signed
copies (
Tzimmes (and Don’t Forget the
Cheesecake and the Strudel)
Arthur Marshall Fell, BookBaby, 2014,
$5.18, ebook, 84 pages.
is a humorous story about Dr. Sam
Landover, an unpretentious high school
mathematics teacher. Grounded in Jewish
tradition, Sam gets tangled up in choosing a
rabbi for the Shalom Center. As he impro-
vises his way through the confusing jumble, the story becomes a
mixed-up stew—like the tasty dessert called tzimmes.
FSO Arthur Marshall Fell retired as a minister counselor from
the U.S. Agency for International Development in 1990. During a
21-year diplomatic career, he served as an adviser at the African
Development Bank in Abidjan, deputy director of USAID in
Yaounde and Dakar, and mission director at USAID’s Regional
Economic Development Support Office in Nairobi and in Abi-
djan. He is the co-author of
The Club du Sahel: An Experiment
in International Co-operation
(OECD, 1984), and has written
numerous articles about law, economic development and music.
Fell lives with his wife, Teri, on the southern coast of France.
The Berlin-Breslau Affair
Dennis Ortblad, CreateSpace, 2014, $12,
paperback, 451 pages.
The Berlin-Breslau Affair
, an engaging
political thriller, author Denis Ortblad has
sought to depict what FSOs actually do and
the pressures they face within an authentic
embassy setting—instead of what he refers to
as the “fanciful tales of overseas spying.”
Diplomat David Ames is posted to Berlin. When a Fulbright
scholar is murdered in Dresden, Ames is assigned to expedite the
arrest of the killers, preferably with a roundup of neo-Nazi gang
leaders. But in pursuing the murderer, he, instead, becomes the
prey as he works his way through a tangle of competing intel-
ligence services scrambling for smuggled Nazi art and gold. The
actionmoves swiftly fromDresden’s Elbe River promenade to
Berlin’s Unter den Linden, and ends in a forgotten Hitler bunker
beneath a castle in Poland’s Sudety Mountains. Ames’ career is
at stake as he struggles to escape a web of blackmail and political
Retired FSO Dennis Ortblad served in Krakow, Hamburg,
Osaka, Sapporo, Manila, Bern and Berlin, in addition to assign-
ments in Washington, D.C. He has taught English in German
universities and in North Africa. He lives in Seattle, Wash., with
his wife and children.
M’s Adventures in Bangladesh
Mikkela Thompson, Lulu Publishing,
2014, $35, hardcover, 25 pages.
Vibrant with color and humming with
activity, Bangladesh is a photographer’s
dream. On
M’s Adventures
, her blog
about food and travel, Mikkela Thomp-
son has photographed and written
extensively about her experiences as an
expatriate in Dhaka, among many other topics.
A friend asked her to create a “coffee table book” of photos
from the blog, and this short but sumptuous volume is the result.
Thompson’s vivid color photos and insightful captions combine
to draw a fond portrait of Bangladesh.
MikkelaThompson is a former business manager for
Foreign Service Journal
who has contributed articles and art to its
pages, and also worked for other sections of AFSA. After joining the
Foreign Service as an Office Management Specialist in 2012, she
was posted to Dhaka, and has just begun an assignment in Bogotá.
To follow Mikkela’s adventures, and learn more about this
fascinating country and the realities of expatriate life, visit http://
A Portrait of Africa
Charles Ray, Uhuru Press, 2014,
$17.96/paperback, $6.99/Kindle,
82 pages.
The typical Westerner thinks of Africa
as a strange place full of wild animals,
wars, poverty and disease. But in
living on the continent for more than
six years, and traveling to 10 different
countries up and down its expanse, author and photographer
Charles Ray discovered that Africa is much more than the dis-
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