The Foreign Service Journal - November 2014 - page 60

As its title indicates, this book is geared to the unique chal-
lenges faced by Foreign Service personnel and other non-tradi-
tional property owners. But it will also be useful to anyone who
is considering the real estate market. By sharing a host of lessons
learned (sometimes the hard way), and practical tips to avoid or
manage those challenges, Kressin gives readers the tools to be
successful in real estate while working full time and engaged in
other pursuits.
Brian Kressin, a management-coned FSO since 1999, has
served in Taipei, Moscow, Kabul and Baghdad. He and his wife
have just begun a new assignment in Brussels.
The Calories In,
Calories Out Cookbook
Catherine Jones and Elaine Trujillo,
Workman Publishing Company, 2014,
$24.95/paperback, $13.95/Kindle,
432 pages.
The subtitle of this comprehensive
resource says it all: “200 Everyday Reci-
pes That Take the Guesswork Out of
Counting Calories—Plus the Exercise It Takes to BurnThem Off.”
Award-winning cookbook author Catherine Jones and leading
dietician/nutritionist Elaine Trujillo have put together an essen-
tial repertoire of nutrient-rich, foolproof recipes tailored for busy
families and individuals. Each comes in below 400 calories per
serving, and most have fewer than 200 calories. And as a bonus,
each recipe tells you how many minutes of walking or jogging
will burn off its caloric content.
Catherine Jones, a graduate of La Varenne Culinary School in
Paris, is the wife of FSO Paul Jones, who served as U.S. ambas-
sador to Malaysia from 2010 to 2013 and is currently principal
deputy secretary in the Bureau of European and Eurasian Affairs.
Her previous books include
Eating for Pregnancy: The Essential
Nutrition Guide and Cookbook for Today’s Mothers-to-Be, Eating
for Lower Cholesterol: A Balanced Approach to Heart Health with
Recipes Everyone Will Love
, and
A Year of Russian Feasts
She and her co-author, Elaine Trujillo, MS, RDN—a leader in
nutrition at the National Cancer Institute, part of the National
Institutes of Health—have also founded Share Your Calories, a
nonprofit organization, and are in the process of creating an app
of the same name for use in tracking calories and donating the
extras through social giving. (Please visit for more details.)
The Expat Activity Book:
20 Personal Development Exercises
for Gaining Insight and Maximizing
Your Potential Wherever You Are
Jodi Harris, CreateSpace, 2014,
$24.99, paperback, 66 pages.
Living in a new place can be a challenging
transition, but it doesn’t have to be. Jodi
Harris has created a personal development
workbook designed to equip those living or moving abroad with
tools and insight for personal growth. The book includes self-
paced activities which draw on experiences commonly faced
by people who move from one country to another, including:
understanding how to better live outside your comfort zone,
cultivating awareness in the face of culture shock, developing
community and preparing for transition.
A long-time expatriate herself, Harris has lived or traveled
abroad for more than 15 years.
The Expat Activity Book
is a
culmination of lessons she has learned and techniques she has
developed to help others more effectively deal with assimilating
abroad. And its lessons don’t just apply to moving situations;
since the book’s 20 exercises focus heavily on paying attention to
one’s experiences, thoughts and feelings, Harris’s coaching could
also be useful for those facing any major life change.
Jodi Harris is a Foreign Service spouse who runs her own life-
coaching business, World Tree Coaching. She has three children
and has lived in Japan, Northern Ireland, Spain, the Dominican
Republic and Madagascar.
Silver Treasures from the Land
of Sheba: Regional Styles of
Yemeni Jewelry
Marjorie Ransom, The American
University in Cairo Press, 2014,
$49.50, hardcover, 246 pages.
In the first book ever written about
the silver jewelry of Yemen, Marjorie Ransommasterfully docu-
ments a disappearing art and cultural tradition. According to
Shelagh Weir, former curator for the Middle East at the British
Silver Treasures from the Land of Sheba
is “an indis-
pensable reference work for specialists, and an enjoyable feast
for all who love the region and its culture.”
Ransom includes an in-depth analysis and history of the sub-
ject, in addition to telling the compelling stories of the Yemeni
silversmiths and how they pursue their craft. As Andrea Rugh
notes in her
review (September), “Without exaggera-
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