The Foreign Service Journal - November 2014 - page 72

to encourage students to
think critically about a topic
of global significance and the
role diplomacy plays in con-
necting people and ideas.
To commemorate the 90th
anniversary of the Foreign
Service, this year’s contest
asked students to select a for-
eign policy issue from the last
90 years where diplomacy
played a significant role.
Nitisha’s winning essay
offered a thoughtful analysis
of the Marshall Plan, includ-
ing both its challenges and
successes. It exhibited strong
research and a clear under-
standing of the role of the
Foreign Service in diplomacy.
It was selected frommore
than 450 submissions from
all 50 states.
AFSA partners with the
Semester at Sea study abroad
program and the National
Student Leadership Confer-
ence to sponsor the contest.
The high school student with
the winning essay receives
a remarkable assortment of
prizes: a $2,500 award, an all-
expenses-paid trip toWash-
ington, D.C., from anywhere
in the United States for the
winner and his or her parents,
and an all-expenses-paid
educational voyage courtesy
of Semester at Sea.
The runner-up receives a
full scholarship to attend the
National Student Leadership
Conference inWashington,
D.C., and participate in their
International Diplomacy pro-
gram. This year’s runner-up,
Angelia Miranda, from Kent,
Wash., is a homeschooled
junior who wrote about the
Camp David Accords and the
work of the Foreign
Service in making
them possible.
While acknowl-
edging the difficulty
of evaluating these
accords as a model
for future nego-
tiations, Angelia
clearly described
the diplomatic
processes used that
are applicable to
this day. She chose
the topic to learn
about a subject on
which she had lim-
ited knowledge. Her
goal is to join the
Foreign Service.
This summer,
Angelia visited
AFSA for the day
and received her
certificate. AFSA
also arranged for
her to meet staff
in the offices of
her congressional
representatives and
had a photo taken
with Senator Patty
Murray (D-Wash.)
and Representa-
tive Adam Smith
(D-Wash.). Following
her tour of the Hill,
she visited the first
floor of the State
National High
School Essay Contest is
governed by an advisory
committee chaired by retired
FSO Eugene Schmiel. Essay
judges include teachers,
AFSA staff and active-duty
and retired Foreign Service
members. The contest is open
next year’s contest or have
further questions, please
contact Special Awards and
Outreach Coordinator Perri
Green at
–Trevor Smith,
and Debra Blome,
Associate Editor
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Top, from left: AFSA Scholarship Committee Chair Ambassador Lange Schermenhorn,
Awards and Outreach Coordinator Perri Green, Nitisha Baronia, AFSA President
Robert Silverman, AFSA High School Essay Contest judge Janice Bay, Chief of Staff
of the Institute for Shipboard Education and Semester at Sea Luke Jones. Bottom,
left: Essay contest winner Nitisha Baronia receives her prizes from AFSA President
Robert J. Silverman. Bottom, right: Essay contest runner-up Angelia Miranda visited
Washington, D.C., this summer.
to high school students whose
parents are
in the Foreign
Winning essays and the list
of 2014’s 25 finalists, along
with contest information, may
be found at
essaycontest. If you are inter-
ested in serving as a judge for
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