The Foreign Service Journal - November 2014 - page 78

Recognize the Superlative:
Nominate Someone for an Exemplary
Performance Award
AFSA highlights the exem-
plary performance of its mem-
bers in a number of awards
given each year. Nominations
for these awards are now
being accepted.
Nelson B. Delavan
recognizes the work of
a Foreign Service Office Man-
agement Specialist who has
made a significant contribu-
tion to post or office effective-
ness and morale beyond the
framework of her or his job
M. Juanita Guess
is conferred on a
Community Liaison Office
Coordinator who has demon-
strated outstanding leader-
ship, dedication, initiative or
imagination in assisting the
families of Americans serving
at an overseas post.
Avis Bohlen Award
honors the volunteer accom-
plishments of a family
member of a Foreign Service
employee whose relations
with the American and foreign
communities at post have
done the most to advance the
interests of the United States.
Recipients of the above
Delavan, Guess, and Bohlen
awards are presented with a
prize of $2,500.
For the first time in a
number of years, AFSA is also
offering the
ment and Contributions to
the Association Award
. This
award recognizes an active-
duty or retiree AFSAmember
of any of the foreign affairs
agencies represented by AFSA
(i.e., State, USAID, FCS, FAS,
APHIS or BBG) who has made
a significant (non-monetary)
contribution to AFSA in its
role either as the professional
association of practitioners of
diplomacy, or its role as a labor
union representing Foreign
Service members. Recipients
of this award are presented
with a prize of $1,000.
All award recipients are
honored at a ceremony in
June in the Benjamin Franklin
Diplomatic Reception Room at
the State Department.
Nomination Procedures
Nominations for any of the
awards may be submitted by
anyone with knowledge of the
nominee’s accomplishments.
The nomination must be 700
words or fewer, and must
include all of the following
•The name of the award
for which the person is being
nominated, along with the
nominee’s grade, agency and
position (or, for the Bohlen
Award, the family relationship)
•The nominator’s name,
grade, agency and position,
if applicable, along with a
description of his or her asso-
ciation with the nominee
•A justification for nomina-
tion that should discuss the
actions and qualities that
qualify the nominee for the
award, with specific examples
of accomplishments.
For more details on the
awards and to nominate on-
line, visit
mance. If you have questions,
contact Awards and Outreach
Coordinator Perri Green at
or (202) 719-
Retired Ambassador Thomas J.
Pickering was interviewed at AFSA
headquarters for the documentary
“America’s Diplomats.”
Documentary on America’s Diplomats Filmed at AFSA
For a few days in Septem-
ber, AFSA played host to a
documentary film crew from
the Foreign Policy Associa-
tion as they filmed interviews
with Foreign Service officers
for “America’s Diplomats,” a
documentary film.
Intended for broadcast
on PBS, the one-hour film
will examine the origins of
the Foreign Service and the
current role of diplomacy,
highlighting the work and
sacrifices made by Foreign
Service members.
The film is expected
to debut in 2015. To date,
MacDara King, chief infor-
mation officer of the For-
eign Policy Association
and executive producer of
“Great Decisions” on PBS,
has interviewed more than
40 diplomats, historians,
journalists and academics
for the project and expects
to double that number before
filming is complete.
King notes that the proj-
ect has been receiving “over-
whelming support” from the
Foreign Service community,
including AFSA, DACOR and
the State Department.
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