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Call for Nominations: AFSA Exemplary Performance Awards

DEADL I NE : FEBRUARY 28 , 20 16

AFSA highlights the exem-

plary performance of its

members in a number of

awards given each year.

Nominations for these

awards are now being


The Nelson B. Delavan


recognizes the work

of a Foreign Service office

management specialist

who has made a significant

contribution to post or office

effectiveness and morale

beyond the framework of her

or his job responsibilities.

The M. Juanita Guess


is conferred on a

community liaison office

coordinator who has demon-

strated outstanding leader-

ship, dedication, initiative or

imagination in assisting the

families of Americans serving

at an overseas post.

The Avis Bohlen Award

honors the accomplishments

of a family member of a For-

eign Service employee whose

relations with the American

and foreign communities at

post have done the most to

advance the interests of the

United States.

The Mark Palmer Award

for the Advancement of


is bestowed on a

member of the Foreign Ser-

vice who advances the ideals

of democracy and freedom

abroad with commitment

and ingenuity.

Recipients of the Delavan,

Guess, Bohlen and Palmer

awards are each presented

with a prize of $2,500.

The AFSA Achievement

and Contributions to the

Association Award


ognizes an active-duty or

retiree AFSA member of any

of the foreign affairs agen-

cies represented by AFSA

(i.e., State, USAID, FCS, FAS,

APHIS or BBG) who has

made a significant (non-

monetary) contribution to

AFSA in its role either as the

professional association of

practitioners of diplomacy or

as a labor union representing

Foreign Service members.

The AFSA Post Repre-

sentative of the Year Award

is presented to an exemplary

AFSA post representative

who has demonstrated

sustained and success-

ful engagement with AFSA

membership at post and post

management to advance

the strategic priorities of the

association. Recipients are

presented with a personal

award of $1,000 and a $500

stipend for AFSA-sponsored

activities at post.

All award recipients are

honored at a ceremony in

June in the Benjamin Franklin

Diplomatic Reception Room

at the State Department.



Nominations for any of the

awards may be submitted

by anyone with knowledge of

the nominee’s accomplish-

ments. The nomination must

be 700 words or fewer, and

must include all of the follow-

ing elements:

• The name of the award

for which the person is being

nominated, along with the

nominee’s grade, agency and

position (or, for the Bohlen

Award, the family relationship).

• The nominator’s name,

grade, agency and position,

if applicable, along with a

description of his or her asso-

ciation with the nominee.

• A justification for nomi-

nation that should discuss

the actions and qualities that

qualify the nominee for the

award, with specific exam-

ples of accomplishments.

For more details and to

nominate online, visit www.

Also, see the October AFSA News to learn about AFSA’s

dissent awards. If you have

questions, contact Foreign

Service Profession Awards

Coordinator Perri Green at

or (202)



Sinclaire Language

Awards Nominations

DEADL I NE : JANUARY 1 5 , 20 16

Proficiency in foreign lan-

guages is one of the most

valuable and important

skills in today’s Foreign Ser-

vice. The AFSA Matilda W.

Sinclaire Language Award

recognizes outstanding

study of Category III or IV

languages and their associ-

ated cultures.

Candidates may be nominated by their language

training supervisors at the Foreign Service Institute, by

instructors in field schools or post language officers.

Awardees will receive a $1,000 prize.

AFSA is now accepting nominations of students who

excelled at the study of Cat. III or IV languages in 2015.

The deadline is Jan. 15, 2016.

For more information, contact Foreign Service

Profession Awards Coordinator Perri Green at green@ or (202) 719-9700. n