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10 Self-Guided Tours

Down Under

Andrea McCarley, AGM Enterprises,

2015, $14.95/e-book.

A charming, useful guide to touring

various parts of Australia, this e-book is

designed for first-time Australia travel-

ers who have a limited amount of time

and wish to maximize their itinerary—

but don’t want to be constrained by a formal tour.

The author has thoughtfully planned out 10 trips travelers

can undertake, without a formal tour guide, in 10- to 14-day

time slots. Each trip has maps, photos and recommendations

for places to visit, as well as advice on what to bring, estimated

travel times and other useful tips. The book also provides

important information, on such topics as obtaining a visa

and auto insurance abroad, that is specifically targeted to an

American audience.

With more than 140 pictures and 500 up-to-date links that

can be accessed on any device with an internet connection,

this e-book is perfect for the technologically savvy traveler.

Chapters cover topics such as Australia with kids, the Great

Barrier Reef and items of interest for culture buffs. The text

reads like a recommendation from an experienced friend, with

humorous asides and a fun, conversational tone.

Andrea McCarley is a former Foreign Service officer and

private-sector information technology professional who has

spent 16 years in Australia. She currently resides in Honolulu,

Hawaii. To purchase this book, go to


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