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Apply Now for AFSACollege Scholarships

The American Foreign Service

Association is now accepting

applications for college aid

for the 2017-2018 academic

year. Children of AFSAmem-

bers are eligible to apply for

the following awards:

For Incoming or

Current College


Need-based Financial

Aid Scholarships:


will award approximately

60 financial aid scholar-

ships ranging from $3,000

to $5,000 each, depending

on the family’s assets and

income, to attend an accred-

ited two-year or four-year

higher education institution

stateside or overseas. The

deadline for applications for

need-based scholarships is

March 6, 2017


For Graduating

High School Seniors

Academic Merit Awards:

AFSA will present 13 $2,500

merit awards and three

$1,000 honorable mentions

for academic accomplish-

ments. A $500 best essay

award will also be bestowed

on a student from this pool of


Art Merit Awards:


will present one $2,500 art

merit prize and up to three

$1,000 honorable mentions

for artistic achievement

within the following catego-

ries: visual arts, musical arts,

performing arts or creative


Community Service


Students can also

compete for a $2,500 award

for distinguished contribu-

tions to their community

through service and volun-

teerism. The deadline for

submitting an application for

an AFSA merit or community

service award is

Feb. 6, 2017


If eligible, students can

apply for all four awards.

Applicants must be tax-

dependent children of AFSA

members who are active-

duty, retired, deceased or

separated Foreign Service

employees with the State

Department, USAID, FCS,

FAS, BBG or APHIS. Not all

who submit applications will

receive aid. Applications must

be submitted via our website

During the last 25 years,

the AFSA Scholarship Fund

has granted more than $4

million in scholarship aid to

2,200 children of Foreign

Service employees, thanks

to many generous donors.

No AFSAmembership dues

support AFSA scholarship


For more detailed infor-

mation regarding eligibility

requirements or to explore

other scholarship resources,

please visit our website at

or con-

tact Lori Dec, AFSA Scholar-

ship Director at



org or (202) 944-5504.


—Jonathan Crawford,

Senior Scholarship Associate


This year, we asked AFSA scholarship recipients to submit a photo of themselves on their first day at school,

for a chance to win a $50 gift card. Here we feature some of the best photos and congratulate the winner,

Christopher Martinez. Well done to all the 2016-2017 scholarship recipients.

Top (from left): Jacqueline Burdan, John Cabot University, Italy; Kirsten Christensen, Florida State University;

Karl Keat, University of Virginia.

Bottom (from left): Noah Patton, Selkirk College, Canada; Helen Reynolds, Carnegie Mellon University;

Christopher Martinez, Tecnológico de Monterrey, Mexico.