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AFSA President Ambassador Barbara

Stephenson welcomed new governing board member

Alison Storsve to her first meeting.

Consent Agenda:

The Governing Board approved

the consent agenda items, which were: (1) the Aug. 3

Governing Board meeting minutes and (2) the appoint-

ment of Mary Ellen Gilroy as chair of the AFSA Elections


LCAD Criteria:

On a motion from Josh Glazeroff, the

board agreed to adopt new guidelines for selection of

the recipient of AFSA’s Lifetime Contributions to Ameri-

can Diplomacy award. The new guidelines are as follows:

(1) The nominees should have at least a decade of

service to diplomacy and foreign policy development,

and have made an enduring, positive impact on the

diplomatic profession itself, including promoting the

Foreign Service’s primary role in foreign policy within

the executive and legislative branches and strengthen-

ing the institution of the Foreign Service;

(2) The nominees are normally retired career diplo-

mats, but may include other individuals in exceptional

circumstances. When looking at an individual who was

not a career member of the Foreign Service, one must

consider the effect that the individual has had on pro-

moting the role of the Foreign Service and championing


(3) The nominees are considered for their accom-

plishments during both active-duty service and retire-

ment. The enduring impact of their work on diplomacy,

the profession, and diplomatic institutions and prac-

tices is particularly important;

(4) Nominees must be able to attend the awards

ceremony in person.

Professionalism and Ethics Committee:


Representative Ambassador (ret.) Alphonse La Porta

proposed a motion to authorize the establishment of

the AFSA Professionalism and Ethics Committee (PEC)

as a special committee of the board. Following a discus-

sion, the board voted not to establish the PEC.

State Representative Susan Danewitz moved to

“express thanks and commendations for the long and

dedicated work of the PEC and its individual members

and to resolve to keep permanently in mind the lessons

learned and progress made from the work of the PEC,

including conserving their work products for future

reference and or re-use.” The motion was unanimously


Audit Report:

AFSA Executive Director Ian Houston

introduced representatives from CliftonLarsenAllen

LLP, who briefed the board on the positive outcome of

the annual audit of AFSA finances and practices. For the

seventh consecutive year, AFSA received the highest-

possible commendation. Look for more details on

AFSA’s financial situation in the coming months.


AFSA President Amb. Barbara Ste-

phenson announced that, due to his promotion to

a management position, State Representative John

Dinkelman tendered his resignation from the Governing

Board with immediate effect.


AFSA Governing Board Meeting,

September 7, 2016