The Foreign Service Journal - November 2017

THE FOREIGN SERVICE JOURNAL | NOVEMBER 2017 67 AFSA NEWS The Combined Federal Campaign: A Great Way to Support AFSA More than 18,000 nonprofit organizations participate in the Combined Federal Cam- paign. To make a secure CFC online donation, visit www. or www. CFC #10646: Diplomacy Matters– AFSA Nine out of 10 Americans support strong American global leadership. But do our fellow Americans understand that such global leadership is unthinkable without the Foreign Service? Do they understand that security and prosperity at home depend on mem- bers of the Foreign Service deploying around the world to protect and defend American people, interests and values? AFSA has been working to tell the proud story of the Foreign Service across the United States, and we need your help to expand our outreach efforts. Please keep AFSA’s Fund for American Diplomacy in mind as you make plans for year-end charitable contribu- tions. The Fund for American Diplomacy is one of AFSA’s two 501(c)(3) arms and sup- ports numerous outreach efforts, including allowing us to hire our new retiree out- reach coordinator Christine Miele. The FAD’s aim is to build a domestic constituency for the Foreign Service so that we have supporters, ideally in all 50 states, prepared to stand up for the Foreign Ser- vice and defend our vitally important mission. The Fund is registered in the Combined Federal Campaign as “Diplomacy Matters–AFSA,” and its CFC number is #10646. We appreciate your sup- port. Donations may also be made via Q