The Foreign Service Journal - November 2017

THE FOREIGN SERVICE JOURNAL | NOVEMBER 2017 69 AFSA NEWS AFSAGoverning Board Meeting, September 20, 2017 FSJ Editorial Board: State Representative Lawrence Casselle moved that, in accordance with AFSA bylaws, the Governing Board confirm the current members of the FSJ Editorial Board for the term of the 2017-2019 AFSAGov- erning Board. The motion was approved unanimously. AFSA-PAC: On behalf of the Management Committee, AFSA Secretary Ambassador Tom Boyatt moved that the Governing Board approve the standard operating proce- dure for the AFSA Political Action Committee. The motion was approved. Amicus Brief: State VP Ken Kero-Mentz moved that AFSA submit an amicus brief to the Foreign Service Grievance Board that seeks to clarify two broader issues that arose in a grievance case: 1) with regard to the Six Year Window, whether the TIC clock should stop once the employee has been recommended for promotion by the Selection Board; 2) whether the onus is on the department (not the employee) to advance nominations for the Senior Foreign Service, Commissioning and Tenure. The motion was adopted. Q New Editorial Board Members Get ToWork The new FSJ Editorial Board, pictured following their first meeting in September. From left; Shawn Kobb, Chair Eric Green, M. Allyn Brooks- LaSure, Angela Bond, Dinah Zeltser Winant, Lawrence Casselle, James Bever and Pri Sen (not pictured, Alexis Ludwig, John Rendeiro and Suzanne McGuire). The Foreign Service Journal staff would like to thank outgoing Editorial Board members, former Chair Beth Payne, Kara McDonald, Steve Buck, Randy Berry and Gordon Brown for their work over the past several years. AFSA/GEMMADVORAK