The Foreign Service Journal - November 2017

86 NOVEMBER 2017 | THE FOREIGN SERVICE JOURNAL LOCAL LENS BY BRITTANY MCANALLY Q LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM Please submit your favorite, recent photograph to be considered for Local Lens. Images must be high resolution (at least 300 dpi at 8” x 10”, or 1 MB or larger) and must not be in print elsewhere. Please include a short description of the scene/event, as well as your name, brief biodata and the type of camera used, to T his photo was taken in early June at 9:01 p.m. from a pedestrian bridge, called the Blue Bridge, that runs through Saint James’s Park in London. At the center is the London Eye, Europe’s tallest Ferris wheel, which sits on the South Bank of the Thames River. Pictured at its center, as if framed, is Britain’s Foreign and Commonwealth Office. In the foreground, slightly offset to the left, you can see parts of both 10 Downing Street and, farther left, the stables of the Queen’s Horse Guards. Q Brittany McAnally, a professional photographer from Nashville, Tennessee, is posted at U.S. Embassy Ljubljana with her husband, a U.S. Army foreign area officer. She took this photo with a Nikon D610 and a 2470 Tamron lens.